Our 1st Charolais Calves of 2015.

Our Charolais cows have started to calve!
We've had three heifers calve so far, and two cows.  I haven't had much luck getting pictures of the heifers, but I did picture the cows & their calves today at lunch when I was out checking.

039L was the first Charolais cow to calve this year.  She was also the first last year....this is Lolita's mom!  And while her heifer calf isn't as chromed up as Lolita was,, she's still cute!

And then last night when I went out to do the 9 pm check - I saw that this cow had calved....

I'd love to tell you who this cow is - but the truth is I cannot.


This cow has a blue ear tag and her number has faded right off of it - it was the same way last year too.  So when she calves (I think I saw her first last year too) I just tell Clint the blue tagged cow calved - and he knows who that is.  He told me her number last night as I was climbing into bed, but at that point I was focused more on my head hitting the pillow than remembering an ear tag number.

But she had a heifer calf too - and let me tell you, she is protective of it!

I think I'll be especially thankful for the calf catcher when I tag & weigh it this afternoon.

I would have no problem in saying that all of our Charolais cows are gentle - in the spring, you can almost walk right up to them in the field.  But when they  first calve, they are mama's first - and I can appreciate and respect that.

Especially if it means they take good care of their calf and we don't have to mess with it.

Of the first calf heifers that have calved, we've brought two to the barn.  One needed some assistance with her calf - Clint wasn't sure if she wasn't feeling super hot when she calved - and she didn't want to give a lot of effort to pushing when she calved, even though her calf was small.  So she stayed in the barn for a few days while we gave her a round of antibiotics.  The other heifer we brought in since she calved on a super cold night and we wanted to make sure her calf got enough colostrum.  She probably would have been ok, but we figure the heifer barn is there as a tool - and we might as well use it.  I also personally think that it's easier to give calves the best start possible, even if it takes a little bit of effort - rather than "let them be" and then battle health problems later on.  I feel like I never pack my camera into the heifer barn...probably because when I'm there, it's usually for a reason - chores, bringing in a pair, etc. so no pictures of the heifer's calves. 

But I'll try to picture and post them later when we turn them out with the rest of the pairs.

Plus - it gives me a reason to get to write another post about our Charolais babies.  :)


  1. I cannot tell you how much I LOVE this post. In my mind, baby calves are all cute.. but those white babies with a cute pink tongue can't be beat. Nice job lady...looks like the Char crop is off to a great start. Keep the pics coming!


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