2015 Genex Area Beef Meeting.

When I got home from the CRI meeting in Minneapolis, I jumped right into a rental vehicle with Lorna, Morgan & Clint and we headed out to the river pasture at Double M to check out the fall progeny calves. 
After that - we headed to Pendleton for the annual Genex area beef meeting.
Every year, Genex hosts an area meeting for customers and co-op members.
For the past few years, it's been hosted at BMCC and I think it works well for everyone.  Dinner is catered and everyone gets to take a short break from calving and hear about the current bull line up at Genex.

This year, Lorna Marshall flew out from Colorado to put on the presentation.
She did a great job and is truly a wealth of knowledge. I love listening to her describe cattle, and I think what I appreciate the most is that she's honest with you.  If there's an area you need to protect with a bull, she'll tell you.  She'll also narrow a set of bulls down and let you know her favorite.  And she knows pedigrees and phenotype as well as anyone in the industry.

A big thank you to everyone who came out last Wednesday for the Genex meeting!
My success be reason enough for you all this AI season!


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