5 on Friday.

1. Good & great.

Valentine's Day has come & went, but this post is worth reading any day of the year.

Because like Beth says:

"Life’s just not always great.
But, man, it can be good."

2. Gravel can be pretty.

Did you know that?

Because I think it can be.

Clint harrowed our driveway and all around the sale barn yesterday and it looks so nice.

Perfect little lines of gravel all around.

 It's the little things.

3. Hot tea.
I've fallen off of the edge into tea-land. 
Like - I bought a second Keurig for my office so I can have hot water any time I want, kind of fallen off of the edge. :)
Some of my favorites right now are:


 I can't find it in the grocery store here, but I buy it at our local Cash & Carry restaurant supply store.

If you want to get really wild & crazy, mix one bag of Wild Sweet Orange with a bag of Tazo Passion.  It is DELICIOUSNESS in a cup!

I buy this at Cash & Carry too.
You can only buy this tea in the loose leaf (not in a bag) - and I don't have time for that.  So when I need a {treat} I head to Starbucks and pick up a Venti.

It needs to steep for awhile, but it is amazing!
4. Rollin' Rock Bulls.
They're growing!

I'm looking forward to their sale on March 13.

And I'm so proud of this guy, who's been working so hard with Ryan & Beau to make sure these bulls are ready for that day in March.

5. This life.

It's a good one, but there are days and weeks or months where it can be hard & trying. 
And then there are days when it all just comes together, you get a bit of sleep and you forget the hard and just live the good.

Happy Friday friends!
Keep living the dream!


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