Give grace.

It can be easy.
To be cynical.
And yet it can be so easy to give grace.
 It's been laying heavy on my heart lately...
I could have given more grace.
I should have given more grace.
I need to remember to give more grace.
It's hard - we all interact with so many people. 
At work, in friendships, at home or in social settings.  And to put it out there honestly, there are some people that are harder to interact with than others.
I don't really talk about work here on the blog.  My job has a lot of confidentiality involved, and so it's easier just to keep work, work.   I would guess that Clint would tell you that even he doesn't know much about what I do.  It's just easier for me that way. 
And part of me second guesses what I'm about to post and I don't really have it all sorted out but I thought I'd try to explain here.
I see a lot at work. 
All of us that do this job, see a lot.  We see a lot of good things, but we also see a lot of challenging things.  Ownership changes, family drama, farms that may have fallen on hard times, misunderstandings and the like.
And often, our work places us right in the middle of someone else's struggles.
Whether welcomed or unwanted, a lot of change walks thru our door.
And not everyone deals with - or reacts to - change the same way.
I was working with a producer here recently, and due to a cancellation after their appointment I had an extra half hour in the schedule.  An appointment that would have been tight, suddenly became not as rushed as it would have been.  As this producer and I were going thru paperwork and making decisions, the conversation drifted away from the task at hand. 
A lot was said quietly, and a lot was left unsaid but we both knew the heart of the conversation.
I learned a lot during that conversation.
I learned that sometimes, things aren't as they seem.
I learned that when you only want to see meanness, you need to see grace.
I learned that there are times when people are hurting, and so they respond with hurt.
And it's probably not fair that they respond that way, but sometimes we just need to remember that we don't see everything. 
We don't see a personal life unraveling behind closed doors.  We don't see a business going thru tough times.  We don't see loneliness or depression or desperation or whatever wolf is knocking at the door.
But we can see grace.
And we can GIVE grace.
My experience that day in my office isn't unique to me, or my situation.
All of us struggle with things, and we all interact with others who are struggling too.
No one is perfect, immune, or protected.
All of us need grace.
And all of us have grace to give.
They say that success breeds jealousy.
So what would an abundance of grace breed?
Shall we find out together?


  1. Grace is where God shows up and there is less of us and more of Him! You nailed it! Spot on nailed it!

  2. Love this post!!! All so true! I, too, see many things at work and sometimes it is so easy to get wrapped in it all and then it's time to go home and that God that for as hard of days as my husband and kids and I may think we are having, we are so very lucky!! <3

  3. Thank you for writing this Darcy. I have dealt with something similar recently in my work life - where giving grace was just really stinking hard to do. I find it easier once I've stepped away, but in the moment it is a lot more difficult. Not that I wish anything negative on others, but it is humbling to hear others struggle with this too. I'm sure you are a blessing though,at work, to those who need your help, advice and grace :)

  4. I absolutely LOVE this post! Great message!

  5. Awesome words from the heart, Darcy. Grace something we are all capable of no matter if we are the one's hurting or the one seeing the hurt of others.

  6. Grace is a great word. I loved your post today. Thank you so much for your words.


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