Ranch rodeo.

Last weekend the Coehlo's hosted a Ranch Rodeo in conjunction with their Hermiston Horse Sale out at the sale barn.  There is an arena at the back of the sale barn that worked just great for the rodeo.  They split it down the middle with panels, and the teams would wait on one side while the team up would complete their event on the other.


Teams of four guys entered, and competed in four events -

Team roping (2 steers), team branding, team doctoring and team sorting.

Clint, RJ, Terry & Jesse formed a team and while they might not have placed as well as they would have hoped -

 it was great fun to watch them and the other teams compete.

Honestly - not a lot of teams got times in all of the events and from the crowd side of things, we just enjoyed visiting with each others.  Sure we wanted {our guys} to do well and of course we cheered everyone on, but we were also tickled and could find the humor when a Jersey calf would duck away and get saved from being roped,
or when a heifer
It was great fun.

Besides roping with Morgan at Jordan Valley last year, Clint hasn't entered any of these types of events lately and I'm a bit inexperienced as to what to do or bring.   So while I was quite proud of myself for remembering to bring lawn chairs for myself & Anna, I had an epic fail when I forgot the cooler of beer. 
Rookie mistake.
You can bet I won't make that one again.  ;-)


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