The tail end.

When we get close to the end of calving, I always think about the year that Mack & Mason were with us for a Friday a few years ago and Mack went home claiming to his parents -

Mom & Dad - Clint has cows calving out of their tails!
And while they weren't calving "out their tails"....although that might be a cleaner version of what actually always makes me laugh.
And so as we get down to the tail end, I thought I'd post a few pictures of the baby calves.

These are out of the late calver's, so they're a bit on the small side - but they're still cute!

I think there's less than 10 first calf heifers to calve (and we started with close to 200) and probably 25-30 two and three year old cows to go.  For only being 30 days into the calving season, I think that's pretty good.
And I think everyone would agree that we are ready for a break, and a full night's sleep.
...That is, after the guys get done branding calves....

They started yesterday at Jack's on the early AI calves and don't show signs of letting up.


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