Weekend wrap-up.

I sat down to recap the weekend and realized that I took a whole 12 pictures this weekend.
So what were they of?
1)  Dot.
This was my long weekend, so I was able to take little Dot into Hermiston Vet Clinic on Friday morning to get her 12 week shots, wormer & check up.  While she did not care for being on a leash for the first time all of the girls loved her and Dr. Pitzer says she is doing well! 
2) The House.
Mike & Patsy are adding a second bathroom and a larger mudroom/office space to our house and the Hunter Brothers started construction last Monday.  They removed a carport, tore up & removed the concert area where we normally park, and took off all of the siding on the south end last week.  They also realized that the house isn't square; it's wider at the top by 2 inches than at the bottom - whoops!  But it sounds like that can be fixed.
I've been working late every night at the office on ARC/PLC appointments, so I hadn't seen anything they'd done until it was daylight Friday morning. 
While calving season isn't the most ideal time to be going through a renovation, we are very thankful for the extra space the remodel will add.  It won't be a ton of new square footage, but it should be done by the AI season, and it will be so nice to have two bathrooms for our crew when they're here!
The rest of the weekend?
Well, you know when you just have one of those weekends where things are just off?
Neither Clint nor I felt very good, especially as the weekend wore on.  By Sunday, we were done.  Like D.O.N.E.  But we're still calving, and the heifer barn was full of pairs that just needed a bit more attention which kept me busy there.
Luckily, the weather was in our favor all weekend and by Sunday morning I'd kicked out 6 pairs.  
Seriously, the weather was so nice here.
And for that - I was so thankful.
Calving in great weather is soooo much easier than in crappy weather.
And on the weekend where we needed a break - the weather gave us one.
We were able to take it easy for a few hours after lunch on Sunday before heading out to feed, do chores and tag calves and those two hours at home were so nice.  Clint napped, and I just vegged out in my recliner watching DVR'ed episodes of American Idol.
So while I kept busy just helping Clint and keeping stuff going at the barn, and didn't really take any pictures this weekend I do have a bunch of pictures I took a week ago that I'll post later on this week.
Thank you for grace.
Hope you all had a great & healthy weekend!


  1. ARC/PLC appointments.....you must work for the FSA office?! I do too! How fun huh? Not too bad when the computers work like they are supposed to I suppose :)

  2. Darcy,
    Dot is so darn cute!

    Bathroom and mudroom/office will be a nice addition. I'm NOT a fan of cleaning the bathroom, but there are advantages to having more than one. Mudrooms are essential on a ranch or farm.

    Hope you and Clint get a chance to rest, catch up and feel better. I have those "off" days too. Usually after I push myself too hard.

    Yea for good weather! Hope you continue to have a successful calving season!


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