5 on Friday.

1. Rollin' Rock Sale
The 2015 Rollin' Rock Genetic Partners Bull Sale is today at the Double M Sale Barn and we hope that they have a great sale!  They hosted a very fun (and informative) dinner last night, and today the bulls go thru the ring.
 There's a great set of bulls to sell, and we wish the Raymond, Botts & Davis families much success!
2. Pendleton FSA Bird Adventure.
It might not be officially Spring yet, but obviously a bird in Pendleton figured since we “sprung forward” this past weekend, that they’d spring into step by taking up a residency in our office ceiling last Monday. The staff heard something (A bird? A mouse? A squirrel?) in the office ceiling after lunch last Monday.
So we did what any girls would do – and tried to get it out.of.the.office!
We opened the office doors & the doors to the outside of the building, pulled a ceiling tile out of the ceiling and made a ramp with a copier toner box from the ceiling to the top of a file cabinet. 
In case it was a squirrel….we figured it’d need a way to get down.  J
But it was in fact a bird, and what we had not accounted for was that it would start to fly around the office, hitting the windows…..instead of flying out of the office and thru the open doors as we had devised.
Check out the video – but the moral of the story is:
Kayci in our office is a bird whisperer.   And braver than the rest of us.  J
And I don't know why I thought I could catch a bird with a mop & waste bucket....but clearly, I thought I could.  Lol.

3. Rockin' the Charolais in Nebraska
Jace & Jacobi have been working so hard with the Charolais heifer and steer Clint sent to them last fall, and it's been fun to see their progress.  They send us text messages with pictures periodically to show us their cattle and their lambs.  The cattle are doing well and we love to see that Jace & Jacobi can have a little fun when they're working with them. J


Kristi (their mom, and my sister-in-law) had emailed me last week telling me that they can walk right up to both of them to put a halter on them and lead them.   They're going to a Stierwalt fitting demonstration here soon, and I think that'll be a great learning experience for them.

4. Paid in Patches.
For the past few years, I've sent in a few pictures annually to Lindsay at Genex for her to look thru for their calendar.  This year, they used a picture I took when we were at the GI Ranch breeding heifers.  All of the pink squares on the heifer's tailheads are ESTROTECT patches and when a rep from their company saw the picture in the calendar, he asked if they could use it for their website.
I was happy to oblige, and as a thank you they sent me a package of ESTROTECT patches.
They may say the way to a women's heart is with chocolate, but the way to an AI'ers heart is with breeding supplies and it was so nice of them to send these.   We love these patches, and recommend using them on almost every project we work on.  They just work so well, are economical and super easy to use.  If you can't see a cow in heat with one of these patches....well, you're probably in the wrong pasture!  :)

We normally use hot pink ESTROTECT patches, but they sent me red ones and it'll be fun to see what they look like here in a month or so when we start AI'ing Double M cattle!
5. Favorite of the week.
There's something that I just love about this picture.

Probably because I love the man driving the loader.
Actually - there's nothing more that I love or trust, than that man.
And I'm pretty lucky he loves me too.
♥ ♥ ♥
Happy Friday!
Keep living the dream!


  1. 4. Paid in Patches - Glad Jerry hooked you up with some patches. He said he was going to send some your way as a thank you! Have a great Friday!!


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