The Corsair Sale.

- 2015 Corsair Angus Bull Sale -
March 7 - Double M Sale Facility
The Double M Sale Barn hosted the 2015 Corsair Angus Sale last Saturday and I was so proud of our crew!

When a ranch chooses to utilize the sale barn to host their sale, they have the choice to hire their own crew to run the sale that day, use our crew, or a little of both.  Steve & Jan chose to let the Double M crew bring cattle to the ring and then pen back.
The crew below did a great job, and did it with a smile on their face - even the guys! :)
This guy didn't get in on the group pictures, but I did capture him while he was talking about the UCCA scholarship heifer donation. 
Thank you to Steve & Jan for hosting your sale at the barn - we hope to have you again next year!


  1. How fun to take candid pictures during the bull sale. Yea for you, Miss Darcy!


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