This week at the ranch.

It's been busy this week here at the ranch.

We're prepping for three bull sales at the sale barn - two this week, and one next week.

Baby calves are still being born, while other baby calves are now old enough to be branded.

Replacement heifers are getting hauled off of the butte, in anticipation of AI'ing.

Can it really be time to start thinking about AI'ing again?

We have great friends coming to stay with us tonight, and we're excited to see them and a cool Hereford bull they have consigned to the sale tomorrow.

Work is still busy - but not the controlled chaos that we've had for the past few weeks.

It's amazing what a deadline extension can do to the pace of an office.

The house is semi-clean, the flower beds are trimmed and the sale barn is ready for action.

The contractors framed the walls to the extension on our house yesterday, and it was neat to see where the new windows and doors will be.

My posting will probably be a little sporadic here for awhile, but I'll still look forward to sharing our life here at this little spot in the internet.

How's this week going where you are?

Share a great thing happening in your world in the comments and I will choose one person who will get a $10 Starbucks card.

***Congratulations to Kiah!  You're the winner!****


  1. Accepted a position in graduate school at K-State for swine nutrition!

  2. We've been busy too, Darcy.
    1. Sorted replacement heifers
    2. Cold weather and calving heifers.
    3. Thursday shipping bangs heifer calves and
    4. Working cows on Friday.

    The moon has been gorgeous the last couple of mornings for the 5 am heifer check and warm temperatures are headed our way.

  3. I am so thankful to share in the successes of students who keep working forward day after day, even when it seems the world is against them. We are concerned about the future of our industry but I can look around the room and see the potential for greatness and know that we will be in good hands!

  4. Good luck with your sales! Brekken's 1st birthday party (all fireman themed) and a forecast in the 50's are all great things coming post 5:00 p.m. Friday. glad for your extension!!

  5. Calving is going great, half way done!


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