'Tis the season for AI.

I have this sign that hangs on my china hutch all year around that says;
'Tis the Season
And it's still hanging not because I'm lazy, and don't remember to take it down after the holidays.  Although I wouldn't put something like that past me - I did just take down my artificial Christmas tree and decor last week.
It still hangs because it's a phrase I catch myself saying a lot.
'Tis the season for calving.
'Tis the season for branding.
'Tis the season for bull sales.
'Tis the season for tiredness.
'Tis the season for late nights.
And right now - well, 'tis the season for AI.
We started the 2015 AI season last Saturday by watching the sun come up as we bred cows at the Knowles' ranch in Heppner, and then watched the sun go down at the Krebs' ranch in Enterprise.

The sunrise out of Heppner....

And the sunset outside of Enterprise....
We woke up early Saturday to get chores and feeding done at the ranch, and then climbed into the pickup to go help RJ breed cows at the Knowles'.  They mate all of their cows, so after getting that group done we hitched up to the AI barn and hit the trail for Enterprise.
But first - a few pictures from the ranch at Little Buttercreek.
We used to live right over the hill when I worked in Heppner, and I will always love the view out here.


The Krebs family had asked us to breed their heifers that they wintered in Enterprise, so we headed up there late in the morning after we were done at Knowles' and got there just around 3:00 pm.  Their place is out on the Zumwalt prairie down a long gravel road, and just as we were pulling into their driveway my tire pressure sensor light came on.
Uh oh.
Houston Enterprise we have a problem.
As we parked in the driveway, and opened the door we heard the loud HISS of air streaming from the damaged tire.  We weren't parked for long before it was totally flat.  Well, crap. 

At least that's what I thought. 

Turns out - the Krebs fix a lot of tires out there, and they were experts.  So as they got to work on changing my tire (thanks again Clint & Cameron!), Clint and I got to work on breeding heifers.
We joked the rest of the time about "outsourcing" to those who know best.  The Krebs' knew how to change tires, and we knew how to breed cows, so we all just got to work.  But seriously - I was so thankful.  It took a cheat bar & an air gun to get the lug nuts off, so there would have been NO way we would have been able to change that tire had it happened a few miles earlier out on the gravel road.

The heifers came through the barn well, and in no time we had them bred and went to enjoy the most delicious enchiladas I have ever eaten.
Seriously - I need to figure out that recipe.
After dinner, we hitched up the barn again and headed home to Hermiston.

So with two successful projects done in one day, and hopefully a lot of cattle settled to AI -

 I think we can officially say:
'Tis the season!
- PS -
Are you looking for bulls to AI to this season?   I'm working on a post of pictures with Genex progeny test calves but I thought I'd link to a few of our favorite bulls right now.  They're categorized as either bulls to use on heifers, or bulls to protect on mature cows based on our opinions. 
If you'd like visit with Clint about doing an AI project on your own ranch, send him an email at clint.sexson@msn.com
Because success is reason enough, and we want to help you be successful!

The Sexson's Favorite Heifer Bulls of 2015:

You can see my post about our McCoy calves here.  Clint said he likes them even more after they branded them last week.  It appeared that they were outpacing their contemporaries.


We used this bull in the Krebs' heifers. He'll be a go-to bull for us this year.

This is one of Clint's favorites.  Nice, eye appealing cattle.  We used him in the fall cows last year, and every time you'd drive by a calf you liked, it'd be a Balance calf.  Even though we used him in the cows, he's a heifer bull.
Victor 719T

This is a polled Hereford bull, and the main bull we use in heifer projects where customers want to use Hereford semen.

The Sexson's Favorite Bulls for Mature Cows of 2015:
We have a really nice set of Dominance, Insight and Chisum calves on the ground right now at Double M as part of the Genex progeny test.  Come back later this week to the blog to see pictures!

Innovation & Resource are Clint's picks. He really likes the phenotype on both of these bulls and we seem to put a lot of semen from both of these bulls into purebred breeding projects but they'd work in commercial herds as well.


  1. Beautiful photos.. Tis the season for flat tires too! Experienced one last weekend and professionals are the best!! We all have our skills and today, I say yours is capturing the moments that matter!


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