3 things I'm working on.

You know those things that are little things, but make a big difference? 
In how you feel or act?
I'm working on a few of those right now.....
1. Posture.
My posture lately has sucked, and my body is feeling the effects. I went to the chiropractor two weeks ago and he said my whole upper body was "scrunched". After he did a bit of pulling and manipulating I felt 110% better. 
It was a good wakeup call that I need to sit up straighter, pull in my core, walk taller and not scrunch my head and neck.

Gah - it's hard. 
But I find when I DO sit up straight, or I DO make an effort to lay my shoulders back and I DO pull in my core - I feel so much better.

Not to mention taller & thinner....and WHO DOESN'T LOVE THAT?!?
2. Cooking more meals at home.

Drive thru's are so convenient....but maybe not the healthiest.  And then there was the whole "the burner on my stove won't turn off - even when the button is turned to off - so I've been pulling my range away from the wall and unplugging it when I'm done using it every time I cook" thing.

That didn't exactly make cooking at home super tempting for awhile.
And I would normally just see if we could get a new stove, except for Mike & Patsy are spending a ton of money on the whole "we're remodeling a third of our house" kind of a thing, so I finally took the top of the stove panel off, disconnected the wires to the burner that wouldn't shut off, re-screwed on the panel and went on my merry way last Saturday.

Take that non-working burner!
And now I am hoping to cook a few additional meals at home this week.

Except for Taco Tuesday last night at Last Chance.  Because no one needs to be cooking when you could be eating delicious $1 tacos and drinking cold beer while you visit with all of your friends who also have the good sense to come eat tacos too.
3. Capturing the moment.
There are times when I don't want to lug around my camera, and I just want to enjoy the moment or help get work done.   But then I always kick myself because I didn't "capture the memories".  So a month or so ago when I got a new cell phone the only thing I told the store was that I wanted one with a good camera.
They delivered and last weekend when we were helping Terry & Anna work their cows and calves, I kept the camera in the pickup and let my cell phone do the work. 
The pictures below aren't professional, or edited, or polished or anything fancy.
But what they DO do, is capture the moment and the memories of a fun afternoon spent with friends.

Not sure what I was thinking here, lol.

Larry was the Corriente Whisperer....looks like he's had a bit of practice pushing them to the chute.  :)

All lined up and ready for vaccinations!

These two ladies are great friends and we love to laugh!

The {cattle bringing} crew right here...

So I'm going to keep working on capturing the fun.
And working on my posture.
And working on cooking more and driving thru less.
Because I'm a {Funhaver} and not a {Funhater}.
I'll let you know how things turn out....but if you know me, I'll keep working to bring the fun.
What are you working on right now in life?


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