5 on Friday.

Most people - myself included - would tell you that I am NOT on the cutting edge of fashion.  I will be the first one to roll out of bed, pull on a t-shirt and whatever pants are clean and head out the door to work cows. 
Unfortunately, my Monday thru Friday dress code at the office can't consist of t-shirts and jeans so each spring I like to pick a few items that will freshen up my wardrobe, and help me head into summer feeling good.
Because let's face it -

Summer here in Eastern Oregon can be a hot, sweaty mess and the least I can do is look presentable at work.  And if the items transition to looking nice in public when I'm off of work - well, that's a win/win! 

So for this Friday I thought I'd share 5 of my favorite spring wardrobe items.
1. Why hello Sam Edelman!
Long story short, I broke my favorite pair of black wedges last fall walking across a gravel lot at our new office space while it was under construction and I hadn't found a replacement for them.  So last weekend while I was in town picking up feed and a new grease gun (glamorous, I know!) I stopped by Andee's Boutique and Brandi helped me pick out two new pairs of sandals.
And maybe a new t-shirt.  ;) 

Hey a girl's got to STICK TO HER BASICS.
At least it was a Tee by Tina.
I ended up purchasing two pairs of Sam Edelman sandals - the Dayton embellished sandal in a gray/coral and the Eavan gladitator sandal in black/gold.  I'm head over heels in love, and while it might have been a bit of investment at first - I think I'm going to wear every penny out of these suckers this year.

If you're local, check out Brandi's shop:
243 E. Main Street - Hermiston
Shop local and freshen up your spring wardrobe - a win/win for everyone!
2. Linen pants.
Holy batman.
I have found the motherload that is the perfect work pant.
Elastic waistband - check.
Doesn't need ironing - check.
Washes & dries beautifully - check.
Looks classy for work - check.
Is comfortable as ALL GET OUT - checkity check check CHECK!

You need these.

Let's dis-regard my terrible selfie taking skills, shall we?  Muchas gracias.
I already own the black & amalgam (above) and I just bought another pair. 
In white. 
 I know - I don't even know who I am anymore.
But I figure for $22 (I got them when the site was 30% off), I can afford to have the white pants I've been dreaming of.  And if I get cow crap on them and can't bleach it out - well, then I'm only out a $20 bill.
I ordered the white pants in a petite size - I'm going to see if the shorter length will keep the hems cleaner.  But I order the normal length in the other colors.
I've worn these pants both with wedges and with my new flats from Andee's - because of the waistband, you can adjust them to wherever is comfortable on your waist and to a length that works with your shoes.
3. Linen tunics.
Since I loved the pants so much, I also bought two tunics made from the same material.  The ones I ordered were too big - which is a nice problem to have - so I shipped them back and got my correct size delivered this week.

Find the tunics here.
I ordered the Lost at Sea Navy (I'm wearing it in the selfie picture above), Blackjack and Red October Neon (pictured here, which is more like a coral).
Because when I find something I like, I order it in multiple colors.
The material is cool & breezy, but I think it looks nice enough for work and they'll be easy to pair with jeans.  They're super affordable, and the yellow stripe version is only $15 right now!
I'll be wearing the heck out of these puppies this spring and summer. 
A note about sizing - I ordered the coral & black tunic in the tall size found online - the extra length worked well for me and is perfect for wearing with leggings.  But the navy tunic I'm wearing in the picture above is a regular (they didn't have my size in tall) and I thought it was a good length too!

4. A fun pair of earrings.

I get the most compliments on these earrings and they were a WHOPPING $8 American dollars.


That's like two coffees from Starbucks.

It's amazing what a cute pair of fun earrings can do for an outfit.  I also bought these earrings for each of my staff for Easter, and it's so fun to see them wear them as well - they're the perfect little pop of color!

5. Cute sunglasses.

I have been looking for a new pair of sunglasses since the pair I bought last year for $5 at WalMart were scratched all to heck and looked pretty rough.  I have a pair of polarized sunglasses I got at Costco this fall that I wear when I'm helping on the ranch, but they're not the most feminine so I've been keeping my eye out for a pair of "nice" sunglasses.

I really like these and these:

  But then Morgan arrived this week to help breed cows, and he brought a pair of sunglasses Kim had sent with him for me to have and I LOVE them!

Seriously - this was one of those gifts were I was

1.) Totally surprised because I had no idea and

 2.) Didn't know how Kim was reading my mind!  :)

So my hunt for sunglasses is over, at least for now!


I'd love to know -

What are your spring wardrobe essentials?

Happy Friday to you - keep living the dream!


  1. Darc,
    Do you do stitch fix? I think you would love it! You will have to check it out. I absolutely have a ball with it and if you need any more info on how it works shoot me a message (audrey.cant@imblersd.org) I will be glad to fill you in! Love reading all your fun stuff on here!


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