5 on Friday.

Happy Friday!!!
It's been a long week of breeding cows, and I haven't had a chance to download any of the pictures I took with my camera this week so I thought I'd do a quick "5 on Friday" post with pictures from my cell phone.
1. Fun Mail.

I probably got a little ahead of myself, but last week I ordered new bedding for our bedroom and drapes for the windows and french doors.

My duvet & pillowcases came Wednesday, my curtains came Thursday and I picked up the curtain rods while I was in town after my dentist appointment on Monday.
Gisela duvet & pillowcases from Pottery Barn - on sale here
 Veratex linen curtains in Indigo from Costco - here
Oil rubbed bronze curtain rods with cracked glass finials - Big Lots
The addition got final rough plumbing and electrical put in early this week, and now we're just waiting on the inspection before the contractors can start drywalling.  So for now - these babies are staying tucked away but I can't wait to show you how everything looks put together!
2. Early Morning AI
We've been heading out to Ryan's to AI heifers early this week to AI his heifers. 

Like waking up at 3:00 am early...
I start work at 7:00 am and Clint's had to be back at the ranch early - so starting there around 5 both mornings just worked out best for our schedules.....


Rockin' my Raymond & Son sweatshirt as we AI for them...I wanted to dress the part :)


And then we also went back in the evenings to breed heifers who'd been in heat from the mornings....

We wrapped up yesterday morning but we'll be back out this weekend and next to work on the cows.

3. The AI Selfie.
I may not be good at taking a "hey, check out my outfit" selfie - but I will own this:

I have just about perfected my selfie skills in the AI barn.
Too bad that's not a skill I can slap on a resume, lol.

4. Misc. AI Pictures

And I thought I'd post a few other pictures from the barn, taken last weekend while we were AI'ing cows at Double M and also at Krebs'.

Trevor & RJ at Double M

RJ & Adrienne at Krebs'

There's a whole 'lotta riding going on!

My weekend "office".

5. Just because.
And because I knew the days would be long this week, I picked up fresh flowers for the house.
Just because.
Other than the caffeine I've purchased, it was the best $4 I spent this week.
Happy Friday!
Keep living the dream!


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