My definition?
People who are working to spread the good word about agriculture.

So Maddee and I took a little road trip to Spokane yesterday for the 2015 AgChat PNW Conference at the Northern Quest Resort to learn about how we could be better Agvocates.
I don't know if I consider my primary purpose to be an Agvocate, but I really enjoy being surrounded by common minded people who are passionate about agriculture and want to share their stories. 
 And this conference was ALL about that.
While I felt a bit guilty about leaving for two days during the AI season, I'm so glad I took the leap and attended this conference.  We heard from passionate speakers, asked questions of intelligent panels, learned tips on how to use social media in a effective manner and had the chance to visit with other attendees.
We got home tonight and I wanted to share a quick post with links to the women who I got to listen to, and some of the folks I got to make new friendships with.  Be sure to click the hyperlinks below to visit each of their websites or blogs and see their Agvocating in action!
Opening Keynote by Katie Pinke -
She blogs about her rural life in North Dakota at The Pinke Post.

These are the gals we sat with during supper the first day- so fun to meet & visit with all of them!

An Interactive & Informative Social Media Panel

A really great presentation by Patti Brumbach, Washington State Beef Commission Executive Director, regarding crisis management.

Closing Keynote by Michele Payn-Knoper -
Michele connects the gate to the plate over at Cause Matters.

Blogging Boot Camp Breakout Session by Brenda Frketich -
Brenda lives in St. Paul (near my hometown of Newberg) and blogs at Nutty Grass.
And once the conference was over, we were planning on heading straight back home but KayDee asked if we wanted to go to the soft opening of a tasting room one of the panel member's owned from the previous days panel.
We are all about the {funhaving} so we said yes - and had a GREAT time!

Beer & wine are products of agriculture - and we were happy to support ag by testing a few delicious beers & wines!

It was fun to hang out with KayDee, Maddee, Brenda, Michele, Shelly, Kylie and Katy.
PS - Did you know that Shelly is the NW Farm Mom of the Year winner?  We just met for the first time this weekend, but I can tell she is a fabulous woman and a role model for others in agriculture.  You can support her and agriculture in the NW by voting for her every day HERE!
And while I love traveling -
And I love getting to meet new people -
What I love the most is living this life.
I came home tonight to a husband who loves me, Charolais cattle who were hanging out in the pen next to our house and a sunset that reminded me how magnificent God is and the beauty He gives us to enjoy.
This life?
It's a good one. 
And I look forward to continuing to share my story.


  1. Great meeting you IRL, Darcy! It was a fabulous few days of meeting and visiting with awesome agriculture people. I love meeting others who are sharing the story of ag, and helping people know more about where their food comes from. Great post!

    1. Great to meet you too Maggie! And you did a great job on the panel! Hope your flight home was safe and that you're enjoying the rest of the week. :)

  2. AnonymousMay 01, 2015

    Love it! Agreed - this life is a good one!


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