Because you can AI anywhere.

We spent last Sunday morning out in Pilot Rock, helping Jamie & Jennifer AI their heifers and young cows.
Clint was Jennifer's ag teacher when he taught at PRHS, and we've kept in touch with her since then.  She and her husband Jamie AI'ed their heifers last year, so we headed back out there this year to AI a new set of heiferes they bought out of the Rollin' Rock sale, along with heifers they'd kept back and some of the 2 year olds we AI'ed last year.

I like to use these two as an example of how anyone can AI, anywhere.
You don't have to have huge numbers, or the best facilities, or have been in the business forever.
What Jamie & Jennifer DO have is a willing attitude, they're hard working and they are willing to make what they do have work for their situation.

Jamie had the cattle penned early and we showed up a little after nine to get the breeding box set up in front of their existing alleyway and chute.  With our set up, we can go just about anywhere and get cows AI'ed.
The heifers had shown good signs of standing heat, so we brought them down the alleyway and got to work!

I thawed out of the pickup, while Leo kept watch. 
I had all of the essentials - a 12 volt thaw unit, a new CITO cutter, my gun warmer and Starbucks.
It's important to stay caffeinated!  :)
Dot was running around too - making friends and keeping an eye on Clint while he bred. 

And that's the beauty of AI.
With a little bit (but not a whole lot) of time and effort, Jamie & Jennifer were able to use and afford top notch bulls on their heifers and 2 year old cows.    By 1:00 pm, we had gone through all of the cattle, AI'ed all of the heifers and the cows that were in standing heat to Effective, and had a chance to patch the rest of their young cows.  They'll watch for heat and maybe we'll be back out later to AI the rest or they might turn out bulls depending on response.  Either way - they've made a great effort to get the cattle synched and those that were in heat bred to an AI bull which should result in a higher quality calf next year.
For two people under the age of 30 and who are just starting to make their way in the world - I think they're doing a great job.  They're trying to improve what they can, but do it in a way that is economical and makes sense for their scale of operations.
And that's a good lesson for us all to learn there...
Do you AI where you're at?
Or utilize synchronization to get your cows cycling and on a similar track?
What bulls are you excited about using this year?


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