I hinted at it a few weeks ago on the blog, but I got my #ccbeautyswap box from my partner Whitney earlier this month and she really went over the top!
Crystal hosts the Beauty Swap and when you sign up, she pairs you with a partner.  You get to know one another, and then swap a box of beauty products that you think your partner would like.  It's a lot of fun because you not only get to try new things you wouldn't necessarily buy for yourself, but a few of us have actually gotten the chance to meet in real life and the friendships you make over blogs & social media are so fun!
I got paired with Whitney Klasna, who is a 4th generation farmer & rancher from Montana.  Whitney is a rancher, a wife, a traveler and an advocate for agriculture.  She and her husband ranch in eastern Montana and while we've never met, she and I have a few mutual friends.
We have been joking on FB that we all need to meet up at the NFR like Crystal, Myla and I did last year and I think it TOTALLY needs to happen now!

Whitney sent me a fabulous box FULL of goodies to try!
Along with some delicious Easter candy.
I had told her I was always game to try a new mascara and she sent me her favorite Too Faced Better Than Sex mascara.  She said it was similar to MAC (which I currently use) but less expensive which is a BIG plus in my book!
The mascara is a great consistency, and has staying power but what I think I love the most about it is the weight of the wand.  The end of the handle is heavy, and this sounds weird but since it's heavy I don't feel like I'll fumble it out of my hands. 
Does anyone else have a phobia of dropping their mascara wand all over their counter and clothes?
Whitney also sent me this NEAT gel polish by Sally Hansen, and I have gotten the most compliments from it.
Don't mind my fat fingers....but the color is really pretty and fresh for spring, and it dried super fast.  I applied two coats of the color while I was editing photos Monday night, let them dry for a few minutes each, layered on the gel top coat and headed out the door to go help Clint doctor calves after dinner.  The picture above shows my nails the next morning - there wasn't a smudge or anything and the package says you can take it off with normal nail polish remover.
She also sent me a bronzer by Too Faced and it has the BEST smell!
You know when you open a package of Cadbury chocolate eggs with the hard candy shell coating?
This bronzer smells exactly like that, and I love that!
It also made my face look super tan, without looking orange.

I suck at taking selfies, but wanted to show you what I looked like "all made up" for work with the bronzer, mascara, eye liner and lip gloss Whitney sent.  It all looks totally put together, but still natural which I love.


She also sent lip balm, lotions, face cleansing wipes, a fragrance atomizer and sweet Easter candies.

See, I told you she was generous!
I loved being paired with Whitney, and hope we DO get to meet in real life some day!
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  1. Whitney is the bomb.com! She really loves that Too Faced bronzer and is on a mission to convert everyone! It does smell delicious... yum! The nail polish is such a pretty color! I'm inspired to paint my nails tonight.

    1. Update on the polish - we bred a slug of heifers this morning, and I was in charge of thawing and pulling off their Estrotect patches which had been glued on to them with back tag glue and the polish held up like a CHAMPION!

  2. I LOVE those chocolate eggs so I might just have to buy that bronzer. Excited to hear how you like the brush cleaner I need a new one. I also love all your hashtags. They make me laugh.


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