Sometimes it's good to take a step back.
To evaluate, or to relax.  Or try something differently.
The perspective you gain is always worth it.

I stepped away from the blog these last three days -
And enjoyed Bunco two nights with some of the best lady friends I could ask for.
And then without posting anything, I came home and went straight to bed.
And rested.
I bred heifers with my husband, enjoyed lunch with the Small's and ate popcorn for dinner.
We branded calves at the ranch, worked on the house and I was surprised with a gift that left me speechless.
I slept in until 6 am this morning, and kissed my husband as he left to judge a jackpot show.
One I'd normally go with him too, but I'm staying home to go to Deana's shower and spend some more time with ladies I really like.
It's been nice to step away.
But don't worry - I'll be back.
Maybe with a new perspective.
All pictures above from Ryan & Amy's branding in Pilot Rock....most taken atop the hillside after Karen said she thought I might like it up there.  She was right.  A new perspective and some of my favorite pictures from the day.
Funny how change can change you.
Happy weekend friends! 


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