The weekend where I....

It was a weekend where I didn't cook a single meal.
Where I laughed hard & maybe-kinda-sorta line danced in a bar booth.
A weekend where we celebrated Terry's birthday.

The weekend I spent a morning with my favorite fourth grader as the wind whipped around us.
A weekend I got not one, but two new pairs of shoes....and a confidence boost.
The weekend we celebrated Duane's retirement & 37 years at Double M.


One where I got to see a young couple dream big and work hard.
A weekend where we worked cows and laughed some more.

It was a weekend I'd live over and over and over, all over again.
I hope you had a weekend where you felt blessed, awoke refreshed, and were surrounded by friendship. 
A weekend where you worked hard, loved hard and laughed hard.
The best kind of weekend....


  1. Perfect in every sort of way I'd say :) LOVE you!!

  2. Sounds fantastic! So glad you made the most of every minute!


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