AI'ing at the feedlot.

I think Clint said it best last night;
"These people make stuff happen."
And he's right.
We spent the last week or so AI'ing 4 very large groups of cattle at the feedlot, and in Hereford.
With 1200+ head to do, it took a talented crew to make it all happen - and we are very thankful to RJ, Adrienne, Trevor, Tyler, Walt & Deb, Annie, Cassie, Jennifer, Cleat, Lauren and Maddee for helping us get it all done.
We gave shots, sorted cattle, pulled heats, patched, and AI'ed. 
Multiple times.
 In the off hours, we moved Double M cattle to new pastures, doctored eyes, sorted, pregged and did normal chores.
A big thanks to everyone who helped make it all happen.  We appreciate you!

- Taking a much deserved break at the end of the day -

- Girl power in the AI barn -

- I wanted to include this picture, because it shows a lot of the crew that helps....but I promise, we don't spend all day drinking beer.  But you can see how dark it was outside, and it'd been a LONG day and everyone deserved a cold beverage at this point. -

- This is about as close to a "couples picture" as you're going to get of Clint & I, lol. -

These are just a few pictures from my cell phone, and I'll try to post more pictures from my camera once I have a chance to download and edit them.....
PS -
I try to stay off of Facebook and social media the weekend of Mother's Day.   That day is just hard for me and with that being our biggest AI weekend, I'm already tired and the emotions from that day can just tip me over the edge. 
But I wanted to wish all of the great mom's out there a belated Happy Mother's Day.
What you do is important. 
Big love to all of you.
Especially to my great mom.  Love you mom!



I have a fun new series coming up this week called "Stories of Success". 

Come back Friday to see the first one!


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