The Big Loop.


Two things that ranchers love - happened this weekend.
Rain & Rodeo.


We spent our weekend enjoying The Big Loop in Jordan Valley, Oregon. 

Clint and Morgan were entered again this year... 


First up was the team roping, and then they competed in the Big Loop.



While they didn't catch on Saturday, it was fun to watch them in the events.
We stayed for the rodeo Sunday as well, and when we woke up Sunday it was gorgeous outside.  It was the perfect temperature, and the sun was shining.  We headed into town early to do a bit of shopping at the park and I even bought a pair of sunglasses since I'd left mine at home; it was so bright out.  As everyone was headed into the rodeo, huge rain clouds came rolling in and the skies opened up.  It poured rain off and on for the rest of the afternoon, but armed with coats, blankets and a tarp - we were determined to watch the rest of the rodeo.

A big thank you to Kim & Morgan for letting us stay with them! Taking in the Big Loop has become a tradition for us, and it is a great way to spend the third weekend in May.

Let the 'Big Loop' fly!


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