The cat who supervised the Moore AI project.

We AI'ed a set of cows at Moore's in Hereford, OR last Friday and since we needed to get started at 7:00 am, we decided to drive to Baker the night before and stay in a hotel before we headed to Hereford in the morning to set up and get started AI'ing.
Trevor, RJ and I went and we picked up RJ at his house.
RJ's cat must have decided it wanted to go to, because when I opened the breeding barn doors the next morning - 160 miles and 12 hours later - guess who was hanging out by the hydraulic pump in the AI barn?
That's right - RJ's cat.

We had ourselves a good laugh -

After all, it'd traveled all of those miles and stayed in the barn all night while we were at the hotel without jumping out -
And then got to work AI'ing the Moore's cows.

They have a great lead up to their chute, and we JUST had enough space to squeak the barn by using their Ranger.  Once the barn was by, we backed it up to their squeeze chute and set her down.
The AI barn is light enough to move with a 4 wheeler, or by hand, and because of that we can get it into just about anywhere.  We used a single box last year, but knew that using the double barn would make us faster.  They had trucks coming to pick up the cows we were AI'ing to take them to their permit, so we wanted to be done in enough time so they weren't rushed to load.

Plus, we're headed back there next week to AI a set of heifers, and we'll definitely need to use the double then so it was nice to know that we could get it in.

Nate, Cassie & Macy sorted the cows, Trevor brought them to the chute, RJ and Tyler bred and I thawed.
It was a great morning and we licked out 115 head in just under 2 hours.

By 10:00 am we were done and headed back on the road when I asked RJ:
"Did you put your cat back in the barn?"
He hadn't, and we didn't see it around when we finished, but it was just a barn cat so we didn't worry to much about it.
We stopped for lunch in Baker and then made our way home.
When we got to RJ's to drop him off, and as I opened the door of the pickup I heard a very loud:
That dang cat had jumped up on top of the spare tire on my pickup and ridden all the way home like that!
He wasn't coming out either - no matter how much coaxing we did - so RJ had to given him a little liquid encouragement with the hose before he finally jumped out from under the pickup.
It's going to be a BUSY week of AI'ing over 1,000 heifers here at the feedlot.  Everyone wants heifers bred the first week of May, since it has them calve the first week of February.
I always take a week of vacation from work the first week of May since we'll go so hard, but that also means my posting may be a little sporadic.  But I'll be back, hopefully with pictures and stories of a great week spent doing meaningful work, with great people!
And hopefully we won't pick up any more cats along the way.


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