Bonnie & Clyde.

For Jack & Deana's wedding last month, Clint asked our friends Lee & Mary Jean Wilson if we could borrow their team of horses and surrey.

They graciously said yes, and they were such a hit!
Don't be surprised if you see a different team of horses taking up residence at Double M in the future - Patsy loved them and I think is hooked on having a team here too.

The team brought Deana and the flower girls in, and took the newly married couple away from the ceremony!


The Wilson's team is comprised of a gelding & a mare, and their names are Bonnie and Clyde.
Isn't that adorable?
I'm not sure if they are siblings or not, but they look like it. 
 Bonnie is very patient.  Clyde is always ready to go.  Impatient sometimes, you might even say.  ;)

Clint taking the team on a dry run before hitching them up.
Mary Jean drives them in parades all over - even the Rose Parade.  So when Clint harnessed them for the first time here at the ranch, they acted like true professionals.  You could tell they had been driven a lot, and they were both VERY well mannered.  I told Clint if he'd have charged a $1 for a ride, he could have retired after the wedding.


I had the best time taking pictures of them, and thought I'd share here.  Thanks for letting me indulge in that.

Also, thank you to Tyler & Trevor who helped hitch up, and hold the team during the ceremony.  We appreciate your help guys!
And again - a BIG THANK YOU to Lee & Mary Jean for letting us borrow them!

PS - I'll end with one of my favorite pictures of Clint from this year.

He's relaxed, totally in his element and looking sharp in his hat. 

What more could a girl wish for?


  1. I love the last photo too! Such a GREAT capture! :)


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