Nordy's picks & life at the ranch this week.

Happy Friday!
I wanted to write a quick post - and then I'm headed out the door to head to Seattle.
Why Seattle?
Well my favorite sister Lindsay's BACHELORETTE party is there this weekend!
I'm so excited - the last time we were in Seattle I was probably 16, and so we're going to do ALL of the touristy things - brunch at the top of the Space Needle, cruise through Pike Street Market and kiss the pig, check out the city on the Duck Tours and of course we'll visit Nordstrom since Seattle is where it all began!
PS - What a better weekend to go to Nordy's since their Anniversary Sale is going on and card members have EARLY ACCESS!  (If you don't have their credit card, you can do what I did and get a debit card - it just links to your checking account and you get all of the perks of the card, but you pay for your items from your checking account.) 
And Nordstrom ALWAYS offers free shipping and free returns, with no minimum, so there's no risk - if you don't love it, send it back and it didn't cost you a dime.
But you're going to love it.  :)  Trust me.
I've already done a bit of shopping and here's what's on it's way to me right now -
I got this foot file last year in the sale and LOOOVE it!  It is the best file for feet that I have ever used, and still has a lot of grittiness left over a year later.  I love it so much I've considered giving one to every woman in my family for Christmas.....but then I thought that might be a little weird.
So I haven't ordered another one (although I'm considering buying a back up) but I wanted to show it to you because you need to get this file.  It is the
And a few things I'm considering and want to see in person today while we're in Seattle -

What else do I need to be looking at????
And here at the ranch, the crew has been working hard pouring concrete for new water trough pads and bunk pads all over the ranch this week.  Once all of the concrete was leveled and cured, they started installing the troughs and bunks and then will fenc around them.
Hard work in triple digit temperatures, but they are troopers and have done a great job!

Happy Friday friends!
Stay cool, and keep living the dream!


  1. AnonymousJuly 10, 2015

    That poncho! l haven't jumped on the Nordy train yet but it is only a manner of time. And those earnings are all so fun!

  2. Our list is almost the exact same. I would love to have the Hunter boots...but they may be a bit too good for cow poop!

    1. Sara - I know a gal who shows cattle and she wears Hunters and I think they hold up well! Plus - I think you could count that as a tax write off - it'd be a farm expense right?!? ;)


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