Wednesday, September 30, 2015


Oh September.

You were the best month.

But you were a crazy, busy, life is full, kind of month.

The best part of you?

Well....we got to watch my sister marry her best friend. 

So many congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Heiser. 
We love you both so much, and can't wait to watch your story continue to unfold.

While I may not have blogged much this certainly wasn't because we weren't {living} the month.  Branding with the Francis family, fall calving at the ranch, two work trips, and the annual Gohr sale....

September, you were good to us.

Here's hoping that next September is just as sweet.

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Feeding on the butte.

Because of the drought here this summer, Double M weaned the fall calves early and took the cows up to the butte.  There, they were fed hay each day - since there wasn't a lot of spare grass to put them on.
Last year the ranch bought a Fodder Flaker hay feeder.  It's mounted on a flatbed trailer, and has a gas generator mounted on the front that provides the power to the chains to roll bales back towards the rollers where they're flaked off in chunks.  The trailer can be pulled by anything - a tractor, pickup, etc. since it doesn't rely on any attached hydraulics to flake the hay. 
Probably my favorite thing about this feeder is that it's a one-man job.  A remote control allows the driver of the pickup or truck to run the flaker from inside the cab.  Which is also nice when it's poor weather outside - besides cutting the strings and starting the generator, the rest of the job can be done from the comfort of a cab. 
The day I took these pictures, our nephew Jace was here though - so it was a two-man job.  :)
And if I'm being totally honest - the batteries had died on the remote, so it was a three person job when I showed up to deliver two extra AA batteries.  :)

The guys had just pulled into the field, and Clint hopped up on the deck of the flatbed to start the generator.  You can see he's holding a small box in his hand - that's the remote that runs the flaker.
Now that it had fresh batteries, they were ready to go!

Clint doesn't like to feed huge chunks of hay and likes to provide plenty of space around them (due to waste), so it's nice he can control the amount of hay that's flaked off each time and where it lands.  One or two flakes is ideal for him, but if someone desired, the remote could tell the flaker to run a line of hay in a continuous stream.

Around the field he went, until he'd fed the desired amount.  The cows are funny - they trail behind, thinking that the next flake to come off will probably be better than the one they've just been munching on.

During a drought;
Hay = Happy Cows
It's not the ideal way to feed cows in the summer, since we'd rather see them turned out to grass, but when drought forces your hand it's at least nice to have good equipment that helps getting feeding done efficiently.  :)

Monday, September 7, 2015

The big sexy ninja strikes again.

There's a running joke for the last few years, that we call Clint the "Big Sexy Ninja" during brandings.
And well, to be honest...other times too.  But he usually gets the chance to show off his ninja moves at brandings, and so that's why the nickname gets used most then.
Last Sunday was no different - one of the first calves roped was a bit squirrely, but Clint showed it who was boss.

He was in control of the calf the entire time....just one of the reasons I love that  big sexy ninja man.  :)

More pictures from the Francis Branding coming later this week.....