Freeze Branding the UCCA Heifers.

We freeze branded the UCCA heifers earlier this month.
It marked the completion of the Umatilla County Cattlemen's Association's largest fundraiser to date.
Last winter, the group got together and decided to solicit donations of yearling heifers from cattlemen in Umatilla and Morrow counties, and then those heifers were bred and fed here at Double M.
This fall they were sold on Superior Livestock, and a local rancher/dentist purchased the bred heifers.
He came out to the feedlot in mid-October and we freeze branded the heifers with his brand before they were trucked to his ranch in Baker County.

We're so thankful to all of the generous supporters of this fundraiser, and to Durk who purchased the heifers.  They brought close to $500 more than their contemporaries on the video that day, which is tremendous.  Because of everyone's support, the UCCA Scholarship Fund will be increased by 150% which will allow the fund to present more scholarships than ever before.


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