Work lately.

I think I've traveled more for work these past two months, than I have in the past four years.

But every trip was worthwhile and totally worth the time spent out of the office.

The last week of July, I flew to Minneapolis for a week long leadership training, and it was so good.  With my work at FFA, I've been to my fair share of leadership trainings and this one was one of the best.  The picture below shows the group I was with for the week, and it was neat to visit with people all across the country who all work for the same FSA, but still have different roles, job titles and responsibilities.

My group included an AO, DD's, Farm Chiefs, FLM's and CED's.  I didn't know anyone going into the training, but after leaving, I felt like I could have emailed any of them a question.

The entire day was spent in our conference room, bettering our skills but in the evenings we headed out to see the town and relax a bit.

Our hotel was RIGHT next to the Mall of America, so we usually hopped on the free hotel shuttle and went down there for dinner and some fun time!  Nickelodeon has an amusement park inside the mall, and we made sure to ride a few of the rides!

I had to include this last picture from our, because it cracks me up and two, it's so true.
One of the exercises that we participated in was the trainers posted four flip charts with various traits - "The Battler", "The Friendly Helper", "The Avoider" and one other which I can't remember but it was something along the lines of "I'm a Meet in the Middle Kind of Person".  We were asked to quickly look at the charts and go to the one that we thought best represented us.
When the three of us above - myself, Curtis from KY and Kathy from TX - found ourselves at the "Battler" chart....and everyone else was in the "meet in the middle" kind of charts, we had to chuckle.  The rest of the room may have been chuckling with us....we had only known each other for three days, but by that point it was pretty obvious that the three of us had pretty strong personality types.

Then in September I went to Bend for a week long management training with Oregon FSA managers, and then Kyle and I headed to Denver the next week for CRP training.  FSA is a small world, because I'd actually end up seeing Tim from NC at the CRP training, and we met in MSP at my leadership training!

Eating sushi with the crew one night in Bend....Josh, Wes & Trent shared "The Love Boat" which we all thought was hilarious!

Kyle and I found this aptly named pub near our hotel in Denver.  :)

On the home stretch....and with a full can of Seltzer...thank you Alaska Air! 

It's the little a full can of pop on a flight these days to make things easier.

There's not any travel in the future lined up for work....which is good since my doctor says I shouldn't fly after 36 weeks....and now it's just time spent in the office catching up.

I feel fortunate though for the opportunities to get to do what I do at my job - and am thankful that I landed in my role here at FSA.  :)


  1. Darcy,

    Dawn Nagel is a good friend of mine! Small world.

    Glad you got some travel, education and fun in before the "no fly" rule takes place. Hope the crazy office days are slowing down for you.


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