K is for Kookie.

Except I always think of his name as being spelled with a "C".
But if you look at his tag - Clint decided when he was born that his name was to be spelled Kookie with a "K".
Yes, the four year old Double M mascot Jersey cross steer has his name on his tag;
he's too good for a number.  ;)
He's named Kookie, because his mom is called Creamy.
Last week Kookie was hanging out with the late fall pairs when Jack & Clint went in to feed them. 
He's always the first one to the gate - and to the feed.

And when we went to go move these pairs last Sunday to a new pasture, Kookie was the first one out the gate - leading the rest of the pairs down the road.
He's a good lead steer.
I think we'll keep him around.  ;)


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