The holidays & my goals for 2016.

We had such a nice Christmas this year.

Christmas Eve we went to dinner with the Murdock boys.  It's their tradition to go to the local Chinese buffet to eat that evening, and we really enjoyed going with them (even though we were missing Lindsay who is in Australia). 

Now some people may turn their nose up to Christmas Eve dinner at the local Chinese Buffet, but let's be completely honest here.....

Having someone else cook your Christmas Eve dinner and everyone getting to eat whatever and as much as they'd like?


We got the boys Apples to Apples for Christmas, and since we had plenty of room at our table, we broke it open after dinner and played a few rounds.  Ian won both games - it was a good time!

The next morning we slept in until 6 and had a bit of time in the morning to open presents before doing chores.  Clint and the guys had double fed most of the groups the day before, so they just had to open gates and lead the cattle to hay. 

All was going well until they got to the first calf heifer group (which these heifers aren't due until Jan. 20) and found a heifer who clearly wasn't feeling good, and was trying to calve.  They got her sorted off and loaded up, and instead of heading to the Raymond's to have breakfast, Clint and Jack ended up bringing her in and pulling a set of dead twins. 

One calf was "normal" but totally turned around and ended up coming out rear legs first and the other calf was actually underformed (think no hair, a tannish-brown color, and only about 18 inches long).   We figured that's why the heifer didn't feel good, and tried to calve early.  But Clint's also had four or five heifers calve now, and he can't figure out why they're starting so early.  They're not due until the 20th and in good body condition, so it's caused him to be a bit puzzled. 

Hopefully the rest of the group will hold off for awhile.

The rest Christmas was really enjoyable - we got a quick nap before heading to the Francis's for a delicious Christmas meal and a few games of Skip Bo.  Whenever we're home on Christmas, we eat with the Francis family, and we really appreciate them including us.  Later that night after doing chores we ran up to Helix to hang out with the Raymond's for awhile, and that was fun too.  My family came over on Saturday and spent the night, and we enjoyed a really nice steak dinner, funny movies and playing Farkle, Rummikub and Gin Rummy together.

I'm not sure what New Year's has in store for us - but hopefully it involves spending time with friends and playing more games - my favorite way to spend NYE.


I don't normally make a resolution each year, but this year I thought I'd put a few goals that I've been thinking about out there for the world to read....hopefully by doing that, I'll actually hold myself accountable.




A better word for this may be purging....but don't tell my husband.  ;) 

We are really good at "collecting" things in our house.  If it has or is a flat surface, we can usually find a way to fill it with something.

I figure with three months off at home after the baby comes, I'll have a good chance to slowly chip away at piles of things that we {have} but don't necessarily {use}.  And while it might not all get thrown away, I at least want to get things organized and put away.


I figured this will be a good year to get a few books read, and so I'm starting a list.

The first book on my list is "Babywise".

I'm bound and determined to have a good sleeping baby!  :)

I'd also like to re-read "Love Does" by Bob Goff, and Melanie Shankles newest book "Nobodies Cuter Than You".

Any other must reads for 2016? 

Quality time with family.

 December was such a quiet month at home for me - other than working late the first part of the month at work - and it was so nice to just BE at home in the evenings and spend quiet time with one another.

 I want to continue to make a conscious effort in 2016 to carve out time to be at home, available {mentally} and not running on fumes when I am at home.  For us - this usually looks like me having time to go with Clint to check cows and riding along in the pickup (versus staying at home doing laundry or dishes).  I know it sounds sappy, but I just really enjoy being with him - whether we're feeding, or checking cows - and so I'm going to try to make an effort to do that more often.

Here's hoping you had a great holidays as well - and that you have grand plans for 2016!


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