The calving season for 2016 is just about wrapped up, here at the ranch. 
It's been a little different not being as involved out in the pastures as I usually am.   Normally, I'd go to the barn after work and help Clint with chores, and the milk cows but this year I spend most of my time in the evenings at home with Chandler getting dinner ready.

Although I'm 100% enjoying my time with Chandler....and we're eating a lot healthier.  ;)
But the other day I was with Clint as he drove thru the two year old cows, to tag new calves.  It was fun to see the babies....although I'm antsy to get back out and picture more of the Charolais calves.

It's been unseasonably warm here, but it's been welcomed after an extremely wet and rainy January.
The calves are enjoying the sun - and when we go out at night to feed the heifers they just buck and play.  You can tell they really feel good - and that makes us feel good.
 How's calving going where you are?


  1. We have always gotten week old bottle bill calves from the local dairy and raised them out for our meat business. This year we bought a Heffer and have AI her and we think she took on the second round. No coming back in yet. We are excited to have our first baby. We hope to start adding a few more to the line!!


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