Christmas in February.

Fun mail.
I looove fun mail.  :)
This past Christmas, I participated in Christmas in the Country, which is a fun gift exchange a great group of bloggers host.
Jaime, Laurie, Lara & Kirby were kind enough to host the exchange.
Each person was given the name of a blogger, and it was our job to visit their blogs and find out a little more about them.  I was paired with Adriane, who blogs at Little House on the Dairy.
It's a secret who your gift is from, until it arrives....and I was paired with Sarah who blogs at Laze L Farm!
So you might be wondering why this post is titled Christmas in February....and it's because UPS had a bit of a mix up with the package Sarah sent me, and when it got returned to her, her original gift was broken (booo!) and so after all that hassle on her end, I was thrilled to get her package this month.

And you know what?  It was worth the wait!  :)
Sarah sent a lovely gift which included a cute {Love} lettered sign, a western picture frame, Skittles and strawberry jam made in her home state.
I had just the picture waiting to put in the frame she sent - it was like she knew I needed one!

And I can't wait to make Strawberry Jam bars with this!

And this sign....well I {Love} it, and it'll be finding a home in Chandler's nursery.
I have a host of signs, and picture frames I'm going to create a gallery wall with, and this will fit right in!

And the Skittles she sent?
Well, they're gone.  Lol - Clint came in from lunch today and had a few, and then I polished off the rest.
But the Mason jar is still here.  :)

Thank you Sarah for such a wonderful and thoughtful gift!

It was wonderful to have a bit of Christmas in February.


  1. I'm sorry it took so long to arrive. Me and UPS are not on good terms. I'm so glad you got to finally enjoy your Christmas gift. Thanks for being so understanding!


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