It's bull sale season!

On a ranch, there's always something going on where you can say

 'Tis the Season.
And right now, well...
'Tis the season for bull sales.
You know it's started when you have more catalogs in your mailbox than regular mail, and when you don't have to worry about what's for lunch because you're headed to a sale and will eat there. 
One of the perks of being on maternity leave right now is that I'm home for all of the sales.  We've been taking advantage of that, and Chandler and I have been to two sales so far this spring.  We would have gone to Kessler's too with Clint, Ryan & Beau, but Chandler had been {spitting up/throwing up/if it went down it was for sure coming up} A TON that morning, and I thought it'd be best if we stayed home. 
Price Cattle Co had a nice bid off at their ranch, and then we hit up Meadow Acres' sale as well.
At Meadow Acres, Butch Booker was nice enough to take our picture with Teagan at Chandler's first bull sale.

Bulls just arrived today for the first sale of three we'll host here at the Double M Sale Barn -
 Corsair Angus is Friday, the Oregon Hereford Sale is next week, and the Rollin' Rock sale is the week after that.
Sales in the area have been averaging well, I think.  For calf prices being off 35% of what they were last year, most sales are averaging close to last year's averages if not a bit more.
Is it bull sale season where you are?  Are prices similar to last year?


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