AI'ing at Proudfoot's.

Last week we AI'ed a set of heifers for Proudfoot's.  They're wheat farmers too, so since they were busy spraying we provided the full Genex Chuteside Service.
For this project, they were able to have the cattle penned when we got there and then we did everything else.
We brought in our Daniels chute, alleyway and bud box for putting in and pulling the CIDRs, and later replaced the chute with the AI barn for breeding.

The pictures below are from when we pulled CIDRs - Trevor and Tyler were there helping us and within an hour the four of us had CIDRs pulled, shots given and patches applied.
Chandler slept thru the whole thing! 
(I have a baby monitor I plug into my car with an adapter, and then I can carry the portable part with me which runs off of batteries - that way Chandler can be all snuggly and safe in his carseat, and we were able to get the heifers worked.)

Look who woke up right as we were leaving!  Perfect timing.  :)
Clint had to leave early, so Tyler & Trevor and I hitched onto the chute, and took it to Knowles' before heading home.
Then that weekend, we headed back out with the AI barn and a new crew and got to work time AI'ing the heifers to 719T.  The majority were in heat, so we sorted the pinks off and bred them before starting in on the silvers.
It was GORGEOUS that day, and made the job really fun.

Thank you Morgan, Steve, Mark, Terrell, Keegan & Kylee for helping us!
We feel fortunate to get to "live the dream" right alongside of you.
And we're thankful that now we get to include Chandler in the dream too.  :)


  1. Great pictorial post sharing the steps of AIing. Thanks for linking it up to the Country Fair Blog Party!


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