Our little ham.

Mornings with Chandler are so much fun right now.

We're all three pretty well rested, and since we've been getting up at 4:30 (usually) there's extra time to not be rushed and just enjoy the little guy before we get ready for our day. 

I know after I go back to work, things probably won't be as slow paced in the mornings, so Clint and I are soaking it all up now.

Usually he's a snuggler, but this morning, Chandler was quite the little ham and I thought I'd share his funny little faces.  :)

Our little ham.....


  1. Loving your pictures of your little man Darcy!! He is getting big, oh my, and that grin. Love it! We would love to see your posts at the Country Fair again. What a great addition they would be.


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