To Boise & back.

We made our first overnight trip with Chandler this weekend to Boise.

Morgan asked Clint to talk about the Genex bull lineup at a producer meeting in Caldwell on Friday, and then we got to stay with the Small's and go look thru the cows on Saturday.

Wade and Cara's girls are growing so fast and are little people already!  Paisley and Marlie are both so mature, and were so polite...but funny too. It was fun getting to visit with them Saturday morning and introduce them to Chandler.

And I think Paisley's future as a babysitter is pretty bright!

You should have seen her eyes light up when I told her people would pay her money when she was bigger to watch babies and kids. :)

After breakfast, Cara and the girls headed to their ranch in Nevada and we jumped in with Wade to go to look thru their cows in Bruneau.

But not before we picked up a spare tire for the trailer Wade was pulling.

I had to laugh out loud when I saw it sitting next to the road, all propped up at a friend of Wade's house.  It's a good thing they have good neighbors....that sucker might not have been there if it'd been in Eastern Oregon - it was a brand new tire. ;)

An hour or so later, and we were walking thru the cows!

This is Clint and Wade's happy place....looking thru cows, talking about cows, thinking about cows.


Because of the winter in Nevada, and other things Wade and Cara had the cows being fed in a grass lot which made it really convenient for us to look through them since they were all so close and gathered up.

Chandler enjoyed being out of the carseat for a bit and chilling in the front pack - until he fell asleep.

After looking thru the cows, we unloaded some mineral Wade had brought and doctored a few calves.  While Wade and the feed truck driver were unloading the mineral, I captured my two favorite guys.

Sweet boy - he traveled so well. 

And for his first overnight trip, it was a success!

Then we headed back towards Kuna to look thru the bulls.  This was the only time during the weekend I broke out my camera, and it was because the feedlot was set against the mountains and it was so pretty.

The bulls looked good too.  ;)

After looking at the bulls, we headed back to Wade and Cara's new place, packed the Chan man up and headed for home.  (But not before stopping for a little Starbucks to get us home....)

We loved getting to visit with Wade & Cara and go thru the cattle.  Thank you for having us!

Such a fun and relaxing weekend for us....which was probably needed after calving cows and before our biggest hosted bull sale this weekend.



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