These are the days.

Life has been so good friends. Being a mom to this sweet baby?

Life changing.

And being a wife to his daddy?

I couldn't ask for more.

But with that said - my picture taking has been lack luster.

It used to be that I knew where my "good" camera was all of the time.  Last night I was cleaning out Chandler's diaper bag and found it buried at the bottom. 

I had no clue it was there. 

But clearly it was safe, lol...

These days, I know where my baby is at all times.  :)  And I wouldn't trade that, for all of the "good" pictures in the world.  Here soon, as things settle down and we finish AI'ing - I'm sure I'll break out the good camera and take more pictures.  But until then, I'll be holding my sweet baby and helping thaw semen in the AI barn.

'Tis the season!

Chandler is SUCH a good sport, and either hangs out while we're AI'ing or sleeps.

He's funny - he will sleep through all of the banging of the doors and cows coming into the barn, but almost as soon as the last cow is bred and the barn quiets down....his little eyes open right up and he's awake!

I think I've mentioned this, but he's been drooling a TON so we let him chew on his favorite little cow toy that a co-worker gave us.  But he also loves to suck on an orange!

Our sweet baby is growing up....

Grandma came to visit last weekend too, and Chandler sure loved her being here!

These are the days friends.

Days where we are sweaty and dusty and tired and together.

Days where the vacuuming gets bypassed, but the baby gets a bath.

Days where we kiss each other, and kiss the baby, and are grateful for this life together.

These are the days - and I wouldn't trade them for anything....


  1. I am so happy for you, Darcy! You are making your mantra (Living the Dream) come true and Chandler makes life just a bit better. Yea :)


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