Road trip!

We took Chandler on his first road trip last week!
Tyler Kralicek, who judged for Clint on his last judging team, was getting married to his wife Chelsey in Bismarck so we decided to make the trip.  We looked at flights, but figured we wanted to be able to see Clint's family since we were so close so driving made the most sense.
Chandler was a trooper!  We left Thursday night after work and made it to Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.  We spent the night in the Super 8 - because Clint hasn't changed his ways, lol.
The next morning we let Chandler get some wiggles out before loading him back in the Camry and heading for Montana.

Traveling with a baby is not exactly efficient, but it was fun.
We took plenty of breaks to feed Chandler, change his diaper or just play.  We'd planned each day so that we only had 6-8 hours of actual driving, so it was totally manageable.

Paul & Whitney lived about halfway thru our trip in Lewistown, MT so we planned to stay with them Friday night.  It was SO fun to meet their new baby Andrew, enjoy a nice dinner, check out their vet practice and meet one of Twist's babies they named Tornado.

Saturday morning we were up early at 3 am so we could be on the road by 4 to Bismarck.
Chandler made it thru his second full wedding mass in two months without a peep!
It was pretty warm outside while we were waiting for the receiving line, so he took shade under his dad's hat.

Tyler & Chelsey's reception was at a really cool venue in Bismarck, and we really enjoyed ourselves.

All of the OSU folks sat together - and we had the best time!
Of course the boys had to toast Tyler's marriage.  ;)

Tyler looked handsome, and Chelsey was a beautiful bride!
We wish them all the best in their marriage!

The next morning we headed out early and turned south towards Nebraska.
But not before Chandler got in some tummy time.  :)  We found that if he could have some time where he could roll around and play on a flat surface (like the hotel bed) that he did really well in the car, so we tried to let him do that each morning.
The grass in North Dakota looked so good, and the badlands were just as beautiful!

More pics of our trip later this week!


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