Wrapping up the AI season....

We still have a few AI projects to go in Central Oregon this week, and a few smaller projects here close to home but we're definitely on the home stretch of the 2016 spring AI season!

Honestly, when we started - outwardly I was very confident that I could handle it with Chandler.  But inside - I didn't know.  In the first projects we did, we were so lucky to have Kylee here with us and she helped hold Chandler, change diapers or bring cattle so I could focus on thawing inside the barn. My mom helped on the weekends she was here too.  As he got older (and Kylee moved back home to help Raymond's), Chandler was old enough that he could hang out in the carseat underneath my desk space in the AI barn office and we got along well.

Sure - we had a few trying moments.

Chandler likes to be changed RIGHT when he becomes wet and so there usually is a bit of fussing while Clint and I trade off thawing so I could change him.....and there was the time in Wallowa when we were AI'ing for Todd Nash and I had Chandler in the front pack because he was STARVING (not really, the guy weighs 20 lbs at 4 months....but he thought he was starving) and we had 7 cows to go and I knew if I could get those cows (which would take probably 10 minutes) I could feed him and not be rushed....and as I'm pulling a cane of Commando semen (which is hard to get and expensive) Chandler threw his head back towards the tank.  So I did what any mom would do - I dropped the semen and grabbed Chandler's head.  It sucked because I haven't dropped a cane (or even a straw) of semen in FOREVER, but you do what you have to do.  And I put Chandler back in his carseat and he fussed for the next 5 minutes while we finished the last cows.  And then there were both of those times in Milton Freewater when we were putting in CIDR's and AI'ing, and NOTHING could calm Chandler down.  We finally just determined he didn't like MF.  ;)

You do what you have to do, and you just go forward.

I guess I say the above because I post a lot of "Chandler is happy in the AI barn" pictures - and for 95% of the time, he is like that and we know we're lucky.

But let's be honest - he, nor I, are perfect and we have our trying moments too.  ;)

So with that said - he are some happy pictures.  And at the end - one sad picture for honesty's sake.  :)

{AI'ing in Baker}

{Hanging out at the DLX guest house in between heats}

{AI'ing in Wallowa}

{After AI'ing at Nolin}

And just to keep it real....

Earlier in the season after finishing a set of heifers at Double M.

We'd finished, and packed up the barn....and he woke up and there was nothing going on.  I think that scared him more than anything, lol.


We're thankful to be living the dream with this little man!


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