Chandler - 6 months!

Chandler Jesson James


You are six months old!

You weigh 21.5 pounds and are wearing 9-12 month clothes.  Just this past week I feel like you've grown a foot, although it's probably just an inch or so.


You got your first cold this week, but up until this point you haven't been sick at all.  And even with a cold & runny nose - you're a pretty happy camper. 

You still just have your two bottom teeth, although we've been saying for a month that we think your front top ones are coming in....but so far, no dice.  You can scootch, flip and move all over the place!  You're this.close to crawling and I think when you get your legs under you and figure out how to push forward, you are going to be on the go!

You can sit up on your own for a bit, and reach for and hold your own bottle.  You know when you see it that you're going to be fed.  :)  And you like to be fed.

You laugh ALL of the time, and are such a good baby.  I think sometimes we take for granted how good you are, and then someone will mention it and we remember all over again just how sweet you are.

Just this week you really have started to talk and love to say "Ma ma ma ma" and "Mmmmmm" and blow bubbles.  It makes your mama's heart beam. 


We're so lucky to have you Chan-man!
Happy half birthday!


  1. You are so loved sweet Chandler! Keep smiling and growing ... and laughing too!

  2. How sweet!!!! I love the picture with the cowboy hat!


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