Weekend Wrap Up - UCCA Edition

We had such a fun, laid back, restful weekend!
Friday night after work, I took a few family pictures for the Smith's.  Each year I donate a photo session to each of the local FFA auctions and they bought one this year.  (Thank you Smith's for supporting FFA!!!)  They came out to the ranch with their dog Rupert and we just had a fun 30 minutes taking pictures.  They are a fun family, and are great volunteers in our community.
We got home in time to make dinner, and while we were waiting on Clint & Adam to change water Chandler and I had our own little quick photo session.  :)  I posted a few in Chandler's 6 month post update, but I wanted to post these too since they capture some of his more serious expressions.


Later that night Clint was breeding Jessica's mare with Twist, and Chandler and I were outside watching the storm roll in.  I know it sucks for the guys with hay down, and those who are trying to cut wheat.....but when you live in an area that only receives 12-16 inches of rain in a good year - well, you're thankful for the rain whenever it comes.  And we got almost a half inch between Friday night and Saturday morning!
Luckily it stopped raining in time for the 2016 UCCA Desert Classic Jackpot Show!
This year's show was so fun, so laid back, and just a good day.  I think the cooler weather was a blessing - and put everyone in a good mood first thing.
The kids had great attitudes, the cattle were cooperative, and the parents all just pitched in and made things happen!  You can't ask for more than that!
Marie was so kind and ordered Chandler his own little show shirt (thank you Anna, Jenny, Amy & Debby for making it happen!) and he was so cute in it!  And since he had his shirt on, the kids let him in the group picture above.  Thank you Pace for holding onto Chandler.  :)


The rest of the morning/early afternoon was spent showing cattle - or finding ways to entertain ourselves - like sending "Happy Birthday" texts - and then we wrapped it all up with a late lunch at Ixtapa!
Sunday Chandler & I slept in, and then we went to breakfast and hung out and relaxed!
We all got naps, and got what we needed done around the house.
A pretty great weekend for the books - hope yours was the same.
Happy Monday friends - keep living the dream!


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