Monday, August 29, 2016


I've been trying to figure out how to write a post about Pam, and all I can think about is:
1. She is wonderful.
2. We love her.
3. She is the best gift to new parents.
4. We love her.
Let's be honest here - everyone loves Pam.  :)
When we found out we were pregnant with Chandler, Pam was one of the first people we called.
I knew I needed to get in line...and fast.
See, Pam watches one baby (only) a year until they are 1 year old.
And then at 1, she says they probably shouldn't be spoiled and probably need to be told no - and that's not really her specialty. ;)
One baby gets her undivided attention, and all of her love.
And that lucky baby this year is Chandler.
Pam sets up her schedule to fit yours, and is always happy when I drop Chandler off a quarter after six. As soon as Chandler hears her voice, he starts straining to get out of his car seat because he wants to see his Pam.  :)  Their sweet waves from the sliding glass door as I pull out the driveway are the best way to start the day.

Fun toys, Gator rides around the Funny Farm, playful games, learning and a lot of loving - it all happens at Pam's.
And this summer Chandler even got to play & hang out with the grandkids - which HE LOVED.
And we love that they all loved on him.
Pam -

You are a gift to us.
A gift that we can't repay.

Thank you for loving us & our little man.

Monday, August 22, 2016

A slow weekend.

We had the best little weekend around here.  :)

Clint was judging a fair in Idaho late last week, so the Chan man and I got a lot of snuggling time in!

I can't figure out how to help him go to bed before 10:00 pm (and the kid wakes up between 5 and 6 am), but I'll take the snuggles he gives for the two hours before he goes to bed.

Clint got home late Friday night, and beat us out of the house Saturday morning.  He's a hard worker like that....which is one of the many reasons I love him.

After Chandler woke up and had some breakfast, we went out to see Clint and help him move cows around before it got too hot.

Later that morning, a gentleman named Lindsay came to hang up signs for the "Our Land, Our Voice" campaign and we tagged along.

And Saturday - we got a lot of napping done. :)

That evening I was watering the lawn and flowers, and Chandler was super content to play with the hose.

And look who is big enough to ride in the shopping cart all by himself!!!!

Ahhh - sweet baby, you're growing up so fast.

And he loved getting to ride in the cart - he thought he was pretty cool - like his auntie Lindsay who gave him this onesie.  :)

Back in the stroller - helping mommy & daddy do things outside.

Sunday morning we moved cows again (Clint tries to move cows first thing in the morning, so they don't get overheated) and since we were in the pasture driving around for awhile, Chandler got to ride up front with me.

When I had to get out to open a pasture gate, he was perfectly content to hang out in a shady spot.

And he never passes up a chance to drive!  Home boy loves a steering wheel!

After we got to the house on Sunday, our friends the Ellis' stopped by on their way from a wedding and Henry & Chandler got to play.  Chandler LOOOVED playing with Henry, and crawling after him.  They both were on the MOVE and this was the best picture we got.


We spent the rest of the day working on things around the ranch, feeding a few groups of cows and getting ready for Clint to precondition again today.

It was a great weekend, living the dream!

I just love our little family, and the great life we get to live.

And this morning, we were up and at 'em, back at work.  (And in Chandler's case - he was off to Pam's!)  We're thankful for great careers that allow us a quality of life that we know we are blessed to live.

Monday, August 15, 2016

A weekend at the fair.

We had a lovely weekend!

More about these later, but I'll just put my two cents right here.....
Any weekend that starts out with two dozen red roses is going to be a good weekend.

This week was the Umatilla County Fair, and we had a great time!

It was Chandler's first fair, so Friday night we headed in to visit with our friends in the {Ranch Raised} 4-H club at their trailers, before we headed in to the rodeo.

Chandler last about three events.


He was not a fan of the crazy drunk women behind us (who were having a great time, and were not rude at all - they were just loud, and he wasn't having it) or the crowd and loud noises, so we headed out while Clint stayed with Royce and Terry to finish watching the rodeo.

Chandler looks thrilled, right?  ;)

After a bit of visiting with friends, and riding in the stroller, little man was out like a light.  While he slept, I hung out with Leah until the rodeo was over.

Saturday morning we were up early to head in to help with the UCF Youth Livestock Auction.

It was a great turnout, and a good day for the kids.

Overall prices were down, but a lot of that reflects the current ag economy (which is pretty tough) and at the end of the day - it was still a good auction. 

I love that we are a part of a community that supports youth and agriculture.  In one morning, businesses & individuals showed up and paid over $425,000 to buy 293 animals from kids.  That is cool.

While I was working on the auction block, Chandler either chilled out in the pack & play I had next to me on the block, or Clint and Lindsay took care of him.  So thankful for a great daddy, and friends who help out without being asked.

It takes a village.  And I love the one we live in.

We headed back in Sunday morning to help tear down and pick up panels.  Chandler and I mostly visited, and tried to stay out of the way.  :)


The rest of the weekend was spent hanging out, checking cows with Clint and trying to stay cool.

Speaking of cool....

How cute is this cool dude???


Love this sweet baby of ours - and his daddy - and our life.

I'm sure blessed.

Hope everyone else is living the dream!