I've been trying to figure out how to write a post about Pam, and all I can think about is:
1. She is wonderful.
2. We love her.
3. She is the best gift to new parents.
4. We love her.
Let's be honest here - everyone loves Pam.  :)
When we found out we were pregnant with Chandler, Pam was one of the first people we called.
I knew I needed to get in line...and fast.
See, Pam watches one baby (only) a year until they are 1 year old.
And then at 1, she says they probably shouldn't be spoiled and probably need to be told no - and that's not really her specialty. ;)
One baby gets her undivided attention, and all of her love.
And that lucky baby this year is Chandler.
Pam sets up her schedule to fit yours, and is always happy when I drop Chandler off a quarter after six. As soon as Chandler hears her voice, he starts straining to get out of his car seat because he wants to see his Pam.  :)  Their sweet waves from the sliding glass door as I pull out the driveway are the best way to start the day.

Fun toys, Gator rides around the Funny Farm, playful games, learning and a lot of loving - it all happens at Pam's.
And this summer Chandler even got to play & hang out with the grandkids - which HE LOVED.
And we love that they all loved on him.
Pam -

You are a gift to us.
A gift that we can't repay.

Thank you for loving us & our little man.


  1. Darcy,
    Sounds like you found the perfect helper to watch Chandler. Pam sounds like a treasure!


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