Pendleton Round Up!

The second week in September always means Round Up here in Pendleton.
And we made sure Chandler had his first chance to Let 'Er Buck!

Clint & I took Friday off, and we all got to go in and watch the Westward Ho! parade.
I took all of 3 pictures, and instead just enjoyed watching the parade all of the entries.
The Westward Ho! parade only allows entries that are horseback, or drawn by horse, mule or oxen.  Click here for a link to an older post with more float pictures.  It really is a neat parade!

After the parade was over, we all headed towards the Round Up grounds.
Our friends the Coyle's and Elshere's came out from South Dakota again to visit and take in the Round Up, and it just worked out that Jim & Lana's nephew Cole was in the short go Friday so his parents had flown out from SD as well.  We all spent the weekend together and really had a great time.

This bronc went thru the spectating crowd in the infield twice before they finally got it out the out gate.  It made the crowd laugh!

Cole riding his bronc - unfortunately he didn't make it to 8 seconds.
A quick selfie with my favorite little cowboy.  It was hot and muggy Friday - so while he started off wearing a cowboy hat, jeans & the end we were down to a onesie only and you could tell Chandler was much more comfie.

This picture is blurry (my lens was on manual focus and I didn't realize it) but Princess Kenzi was kind enough to stop quickly to take a picture with Chandler after the rodeo had ended.
It's his first picture with royalty.  :)

Saturday I brought my camera in, but kept it tucked away for the rodeo so I could keep a wrangle on Chandler.
But on our way out, Ian took what is easily my favorite picture of the weekend. 
Thank you Ian for taking it.
I sure love my little family, the western lifestyle we get to live, and the community we get to live that lifestyle in.

Let 'Er Buck!


  1. Darcy,
    Fun times at the rodeo. I didn't know you have famous friends in South Dakota. Glad you got a chance to catch up with them.


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