Chandler - 9 months

Chandler Jesson James

You are 9 months old!
You weigh 23.3 lbs, are 30 inches long and are a growing baby.
You are in the 96% for weight and height, and still in the 99% for head circumference - you've got a big noggin' buddy!

This month you have really found your legs, and are standing and pulling up on everything.  You crawl over to whatever it is you want to pull up on (a  box, your exersaucer, a chair), pull yourself up and then just play or stand there until you're ready to sit down and crawl to the next item to pull up on.


You are extra observative, and aware of what is going on around you.  The tiniest details, you like to try to grab with your fingers or go over and inspect.  One of your favorite things is to sit in your dad's chair, and see what fun things are in the cup holders.  We put things in there (like a necklace, or teething ring, or small plastic package) just so you can pull it out and finger it.

You love to suck on a washcloth, or a frozen teething ring, or gnaw on cardboard - probably because you have 8 teeth, 2 of which just came in this month.


We moved you up to a regular car seat this month, as you're too big for your infant carrier.

Your dad had to travel a lot for work this month (which you loved helping him pack his suitcases!) so you and I did a lot of picture taking together, to send Clint updates.



You still love to take a bath, and play with your little rubber ducky or washcloth.

You are a great eater!  You've ventured into eating more real food - tiny pizzas of pizza, roasted cauliflower, acorn squash, olives, small bites of roast beef - you love it all!

And after dinner - or anytime - you love to "help" with the dishes.  ;)

If you hear the dishwasher open - you come CRAWLING over to it to play, and get so mad when I close it up and the fun ends.

You are just the happiest baby. 

You make us laugh so hard, and it really is a joy to be your mommy & daddy.


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