Thursday, November 17, 2016


Hi friends.  Life is well here - chaotic, busy, full - but well.

We've had a lot going on - I thought I'd update the blog with a few ramblings to remember this season of life. 

1. Moving.

Let's just all agree that moving is no one's favorite task.  But the beauty is that moving means we finally found a place to buy.  33 acres, most with water and a 3 bedroom, 2 bath house to call our own.  Or at least, we'll be able to call it that after escrow, appraisals, and closing.  ;)

It's in Stanfield, just a few minutes from the ranch, and even closer to some of our dearest friends.  Right off of the highway, but hidden from public view.

I think we'll find ourselves to live comfortably there, at least for awhile.

We hope to close, install all new flooring, move and be settled in there by the end of the year.  A tall task, but I'm keeping a positive attitude that it can happen.

2. Work.

It's about to get crazier, after a few days of being able to breathe.  Such is the ebb and flow though of my job.  And part of the reason I think I like it so much.

3. Chandler.

Growing.  Our sweet boy is doing well, and is so fun to be with.  He's clapping, and waving, and cheering and just has a great little attitude.  We love him so much.

4. Holidays.

Am I bad sport to say I'm not really thrilled that Christmas is a mere few weeks away?  There are just so many expectations, and I have a feeling we'll be moving into our house the weekend of Christmas, so I'm trying to not create expectations of "Chandler's First Christmas" that I won't be able to achieve....but also trying not to be a scrooge.

My plan is; a tree, a few decorations that are easy to find/hang up/display, and presents.  The rest - well, it will be what it will be.

5. And you?

I hope you are well.  I hope you are living life, and having fun, and surrounded by people who make you happy.

Everyone deserves to be happy.

Keep living the dream friends -

Monday, November 7, 2016

Chandler is 10 months old.

Chandler Jesson James

You are 10 months old buddy!

Your are growing so fast, and learning new things every day - it is so fun to watch you and see what you've picked up.

That being said - I've done a terrible job of taking pictures of you this month.  Our life has just been crazy - searching for a home, making an offer on a home, Clint's new job ramping up, travel opportunities and FFA auctions have taken their toll.  But you little guy have been a trooper thru it all - and hung with us each step of the way.

But I do know this - you have eight teeth, you are pulling up and cruising along everything, but still don't show an interest in walking.  (And that's ok, lol - your mommy & daddy aren't quite ready for that.)  You give hugs, and love to "cheers" your cup with us. 


You love to play with your popper, pull all of the cans and Tupperware out of the cabinets, put balls through the hole on your dump truck, and there isn't a detail that often goes missed by you.

You love pens, and necklaces, and anything with detail.

You are a good little eater, and can eat a lot of different textures and foods.  You let us feed you without getting messy, and like to use the back of your hand to push anything into your mouth (like a stray noodle, or part of a cracker) that might have escaped.  You drink out of a sippy cup and a regular cup - and get mad if we're drinking something that you aren't.

You've learned to throw a little temper tantrum - and it's usually when we take something away from you that you want.  We joke that that is when the red in your hair is most evident.  ;)

But far and away - you are a delight to your mommy & daddy, and we love you so much buddy!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween from our little dinosaur!

When we got home from work, we dressed Chandler in his costume and took a few pictures before it was totally dark out and then went to visit Jack & Deana next door (to take Teagan her candy) and Mike & Patsy.  Patsy does such a nice job at Halloween for the kids - Chandler got a fun sparkle wand, animal crackers and baby food.  :)  And we got her famous popcorn balls. 

We have to thank the Funk family for Chandler's costume - at Bunco last week I mentioned I didn't have a costume for Chandler (a friend had offered to let us use their pumpkin costume, but I didn't have a chance to run to MF to get it) and wasn't super worried about it - but Alecia said her sister in law had dropped off some items, and one was a brand new 12 month dinosaur costume they wouldn't be able to use.  She let Chandler borrow it, and he just loved it.  Every time we'd pass it last weekend, he'd reach over and pet it and smile - so I knew he'd have fun wearing it. 

And he did - what a fun little first Halloween for our family of three.

Trick or Treat!