Wednesday, December 28, 2016

December Beauty Swap!

Today's the day that everyone is revealing their Beauty Swap partners & gifts!

Crystal Blin hosts beauty swaps a few times a year, and they are always fun to partake in!  This time she partnered with FarmHer - which is neat, because she was just featured on one of their RFDTV segments.


My partner this time was Allison, who lives in Illinois and blogs at Outside the Ag Room.  She's an ag teacher, a mom, a wife and a cattle rancher - she's a busy lady!

It was great to {meet} her and get to know her through emails, and I loved opening the box she sent!

 She sent me a lot of great new products; many of which I'd never tried or heard of before - so that was neat.

If I had to choose one, my favorite in the box was the Milani eye shadow primer.  In the past, I've used Bare Minerals 5 in 1 eyeshadow cream and loved it - but this stuff is the real enchilada.  It really gives eye shadow staying power and helps with the pigmentation too. It's totally worth the 30 second drying time.  :)

The mascara sent must have been fate; because my current tube was biting the dust. 

You know how you keep swirling it and dipping it and applying - and repeat - to get that.last.drop out of the old tube?  That's where I was at.

Chandler liked the mascara too.  ;)  But probably for different reasons than me.  His one year molars are coming in - and anything he can stick back there to chew on, he takes full advantage of.  Sweet boy.

Allison also sent new makeup brushes, which I can't wait to try.  And the lipgloss she sent has a great brush - the pointed end is perfect for drawing a nice line, and reaching the corners of your mouth.

Last but not least - she sent a fun eye shadow palette, spiced cookies, cookie cutters and a recipe card!  'Tis the Season for a little color & yumminess.  :)

Here I'm wearing the eye shadow, shadow base, mascara & lip gloss - they fit right into my normal routine!  :)


Thanks Allison for partnering with me - I hope you liked your box too!

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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas friends!

What a special Christmas this is for us, getting to celebrate with Chandler for the first time.  We're spending the morning at home, so he can wake up to presents (even though he'll have no clue, lol - but we wanted to start that tradition) and then we're headed to my mom's this afternoon to celebrate Christmas with my family tomorrow.

It has been a wonderful season - filled with twinkling Christmas lights, opening and enjoying Christmas cards, and getting to share in the merriment of the season.

No - we don't have our Christmas cards done - look for our New Year's card! - the house isn't spotless, and the presents will be minimal under the tree. 

It's intentional - well, all but the Christmas card. 

We really went into this season just trying to be present - and making our presence more important than presents. 

Of course, there were a few presents. 

We gave Chandler three things - 1 thing he needs, 1 thing to read, and 1 "fun" thing.  Santa also brought him a few things in his stocking.  He was lucky enough to receive so many thoughtful presents from friends and family - and especially loved the tissue paper in Mike & Patsy's present.  :)

We are so thankful for those who love our little guy - he's pretty blessed.
We spent Christmas Eve playing games & spending time with friends at the Raymonds.

Lindsay said it best - Merry Christmas from 5 of Umatilla County's finest cattlemen.  :)

Photo by Lindsay Murdock
And today, we're taking it slow on Christmas day and relishing being a family.

And like many ranching families - we spent part of the morning doing chores.


Our Christmas may not look like someone else's - and that's all ok.  As long as we're remembering the Reason for the season, and spending time with loved ones - well, what a Merry Christmas that will be for all of us!

Have Yourselves a Merry Little Christmas!

For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.
Isaiah 9:6

Sunday, December 18, 2016

Baby, it's cold outside.

I took these last weekend, when I thought we had a lot of snow.
Then we got another 8 inches.
Which for us, is pretty unusual.
It might snow a few inches, but rarely lasts more than a few days.  So to have snow for over a week, and negative temperatures along with it - all I could think of was, Praise God we weren't calving.
But praying for those that were - I know we'd AI'ed a lot of heifers and cows last year who are due right now.  :S

It's a lot of work for ranchers - but it has been pretty.
Although we're supposed to have temperatures in the forty's this week - so our pretty snow is soon to be a muddy mess I think...

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Oh Christmas Tree!

Sunday, we went and cut down our Christmas tree with the Raymond family and other friends.
The funny part is that the day before, I'd ordered a fake tree from Costco (they were on clearance) and then later that afternoon we made plans to go with Raymond's....the fake tree will stay boxed until after the move, which is probably easier anyway!
We had the best time!

After wading through the snow, and hunting for just the right one....
We chose a handy one near the road.  ;)
Clint headed back to get a saw - since Casey & Ryan had headed off to the north forty to find the "perfect" tree and we weren't following. 


Pace took our picture - that's our tree to the left of us - and then down it went.

We headed back to the pickup, and got Chandler warmed up with a bottle before heading for home.

 It was a great day, and we are thankful to the Raymond family & their clan for letting us join them this year.
After cutting a few feet off at the pickup, and another foot off at home - our tree made it inside, with an inch to spare. :)
Oh Christmas Tree!
And so far - it's been a Christmas miracle, and Chandler hasn't bothered it too much.  He likes to pet the bottom branches but hasn't pulled at the lights - and I kept the ornaments up high.
I love that it sparkles and shines during the Christmas season.
Merry Christmas!

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Chandler is 11 months old.

Chandler Jesson James

You are 11 months old today buddy!

Time is flying by  and we are loving every minute with you.

You weigh 24 pounds, are 31 inches long, and still have a big head circumference - 49 cm!

You are in size 4 diapers, and wear 18-24 month clothes.  No new teeth this month (you still have 8) but we think your one year molars are starting to work in since you love to chew on a washcloth or bib, and pull it against your teeth.

You still aren't walking, but will pull up and get into anything at arm's reach.  :)  You play so well, and love to bang Pyrex together and make "music".  Speaking of music - if it's on, or one of your toys is playing music, you dance and shake your little body and laugh.

You've learned to gargle, and think it's pretty funny to do so when I have you laid down to change a diaper.  (I like it because it keeps you occupied!!!!)

You're becoming a little bit of a dare devil (I think it's only the beginning, right boy moms???) but so far the craziest thing you've done is climb on a box.


You still love to be outside, checking bulls, feeding cows, or AI'ing.  We put you in Carhartt's for the first time this month, and you look so cute in them!

You can say "dada", and "oh" and are starting to say "mama".

You LOVE playing in the dishwasher - pulling out the bottom rack, scooting it on the floor, pulling out the silverware and sliding the top rack back and forth.  In fact - I can't open the dishwasher with dirty dishes in it to load if you're around because you get SO MAD when you can't play in it.  It's a big treat when the dishes are clean, and you get to play while I unload it and put dishes away.

Chandler- we love you so much!

Next up - 1 year!!!