Baby, it's cold outside.

I took these last weekend, when I thought we had a lot of snow.
Then we got another 8 inches.
Which for us, is pretty unusual.
It might snow a few inches, but rarely lasts more than a few days.  So to have snow for over a week, and negative temperatures along with it - all I could think of was, Praise God we weren't calving.
But praying for those that were - I know we'd AI'ed a lot of heifers and cows last year who are due right now.  :S

It's a lot of work for ranchers - but it has been pretty.
Although we're supposed to have temperatures in the forty's this week - so our pretty snow is soon to be a muddy mess I think...


  1. I always find differences in weather interesting. I didn't realize that your area didn't get much snow. You will get up to 40 in December?

    We ended up with 6ish inches between Thursday and Friday. With the wind we had a lot of blowing and snow drifts. We saw upper 20's this afternoon. They were talking 30's in the Black Hills.

    Once we get snow, it does't melt until spring. It piles up and piles up. We tend to have a "January thaw," but if we have a lot of snow it doesn't all melt. A few years ago the last bits of snow drifts finally melted completely away in early June.


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