December Beauty Swap!

Today's the day that everyone is revealing their Beauty Swap partners & gifts!

Crystal Blin hosts beauty swaps a few times a year, and they are always fun to partake in!  This time she partnered with FarmHer - which is neat, because she was just featured on one of their RFDTV segments.


My partner this time was Allison, who lives in Illinois and blogs at Outside the Ag Room.  She's an ag teacher, a mom, a wife and a cattle rancher - she's a busy lady!

It was great to {meet} her and get to know her through emails, and I loved opening the box she sent!

 She sent me a lot of great new products; many of which I'd never tried or heard of before - so that was neat.

If I had to choose one, my favorite in the box was the Milani eye shadow primer.  In the past, I've used Bare Minerals 5 in 1 eyeshadow cream and loved it - but this stuff is the real enchilada.  It really gives eye shadow staying power and helps with the pigmentation too. It's totally worth the 30 second drying time.  :)

The mascara sent must have been fate; because my current tube was biting the dust. 

You know how you keep swirling it and dipping it and applying - and repeat - to get that.last.drop out of the old tube?  That's where I was at.

Chandler liked the mascara too.  ;)  But probably for different reasons than me.  His one year molars are coming in - and anything he can stick back there to chew on, he takes full advantage of.  Sweet boy.

Allison also sent new makeup brushes, which I can't wait to try.  And the lipgloss she sent has a great brush - the pointed end is perfect for drawing a nice line, and reaching the corners of your mouth.

Last but not least - she sent a fun eye shadow palette, spiced cookies, cookie cutters and a recipe card!  'Tis the Season for a little color & yumminess.  :)

Here I'm wearing the eye shadow, shadow base, mascara & lip gloss - they fit right into my normal routine!  :)


Thanks Allison for partnering with me - I hope you liked your box too!

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