Oh Christmas Tree!

Sunday, we went and cut down our Christmas tree with the Raymond family and other friends.
The funny part is that the day before, I'd ordered a fake tree from Costco (they were on clearance) and then later that afternoon we made plans to go with Raymond's....the fake tree will stay boxed until after the move, which is probably easier anyway!
We had the best time!

After wading through the snow, and hunting for just the right one....
We chose a handy one near the road.  ;)
Clint headed back to get a saw - since Casey & Ryan had headed off to the north forty to find the "perfect" tree and we weren't following. 


Pace took our picture - that's our tree to the left of us - and then down it went.

We headed back to the pickup, and got Chandler warmed up with a bottle before heading for home.

 It was a great day, and we are thankful to the Raymond family & their clan for letting us join them this year.
After cutting a few feet off at the pickup, and another foot off at home - our tree made it inside, with an inch to spare. :)
Oh Christmas Tree!
And so far - it's been a Christmas miracle, and Chandler hasn't bothered it too much.  He likes to pet the bottom branches but hasn't pulled at the lights - and I kept the ornaments up high.
I love that it sparkles and shines during the Christmas season.
Merry Christmas!


  1. Looks like a Christmas Tree cutting party! Fun and good memories.
    I love the little overalls Chandler has on.


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