Monday, January 30, 2017

Watching his daddy.

This guy.....


Loves to watch his dad drive a tractor/truck/anything moving.

And if he gets to watch it while "driving" his mom's parked car?

Even better. 


Monday, January 23, 2017

AccuBreed application at Meadow Acres

Our office was closed due to freezing rain last Wednesday, so in the afternoon I went over to Meadow Acres with Clint.  They were applying AccuBreed patches on a set of cows we'll AI this past weekend.
AccuBreed patches are made by Estrotect.  That's the company that makes scratch-off type Estrotect patches that we use on almost all of our AI projects.

There were two guys from Estrotect who came out from colorado to get the project started; Buzz & Aaron.  Buzz applied the patches, and Aaron kept tract of the patch # and cow ID # and put them into the app they use to track heats.


It took longer than normal patching, but hopefully the results will be worth it!

Friday, January 20, 2017


So this is a "just for fun" post - but I wanted to show you a new app my friend Adrienne told me about this week.

Caution:  Do not download if you aren't ready for it to suck a lot of your time.   ;)

And I'm probably late to the Prisma party, but this app is SO fun! 

And free.

We like free in our house.

How cool would this be to make note cards, or prints to frame?


Happy Friday friends!

Hope you're living the dream!

Now go waste some time, and download Prisma.  :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

AI'ing at 7-UP

Cold temperatures, snow and freezing rain couldn't keep us away.
The pull of AI'ing cows is just too strong for us, lol.  :)

Terry & Debby Anderson, of 7-UP Ranch, had two sets of cows lined up to time AI yesterday and today.  Their cows are separated by their calf's gender, so we AI'ed bull calf mothers yesterday and heifer calf mothers today.  Tomorrow night we'll head back over and AI the heifers.
I always take vacation from work to help with this project, and every year I'm glad I do.  We count Terry & Debby as friends, and they run a good ship.  There was a great crew in place to help make everything happen.  At daylight, the horseback crew was sorting cattle and by 10:00 am each morning, we were done with each group with plenty of time in our "target finish" to spare.
This picture is a little blurry - but I took it with a timer, and when it's single digits out, the picture taking opportunity becomes a "One & Done" type of situation.  :)
Another great year!

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Life lately.

With the hustle and bustle of the holidays over, we're back to normal life here in Eastern Oregon.

Clint's in Denver at the NWSS this week, so Chandler and I are home taking care of the fort.  Which really just means we're feeding the horses, taking care of the dogs, playing after work & dinner, taking selfies to send to Daddy, and going to bed early if we can. 

No complaints from me.  :)

Before Clint left, we got a ton of new snow and while it makes things harder for those to have to work outside, it was pretty.

Clint needed to weigh the Rollin' Rock bulls Sunday before he left, and got one group across the scales before they froze up.....

So he decided to bed the Charolais bulls in shavings before he left, and use the loader to move some snow around so I could get out in the mornings.  Chandler and I tried to help where we could, opening gates and waving.  :)  Chandler loves to ride around in Clint's red wagon he uses on AI projects - and surprisingly, it pulled really well in the snow!

Other than that - we've just been spending our days playing and snuggling, and enjoying time with our one year old....who is turning into a little bit of a dare devil!  :)

I'm loving this stage right now - and we're trying to soak up as much of it as we can!

Chandler plays independently so well, and we even catch him standing on his own a bit - but still no walking.

Hope life is good for you too - and that you're living the dream!

Saturday, January 7, 2017

Chandler is One!

Chandler Jesson James

You are one year old today!

Be still my beating heart.

It seems like we were just welcoming you to the world yesterday....and here you are, turning one.

And what a fun one year old you are.  :)

You go to the doctor Tuesday, so I'll know your "official" one year old stats then, but based on our scale at home right now you weigh 29 pounds.  You're wearing 2T clothes and size 4 diapers.  You have 12 teeth - eight in the front, and four molars.  (The four molars are part way in - but they're definitely in.)  You aren't walking yet - but you're standing, and pushing things, and cruising along table tops and anything else that's within arm's reach.

You love to say "Dadda", and sometimes I get a "Momma".

It's so funny - we'll coach you to say "Momma", and you'll look at us with a big grin and clearly say "Dadda".

We think you can also say "Dog", and your face lights up when we say "Puppy, puppy, puppies" even though you can't say it yet.  You also know "Oh", and sometimes say "Uh oh".

You also know what "No" means - and are pretty good at throwing a little temper tantrum when you don't get your way, or something gets taken away from you.

And it's the darn cutest temper tantrum you ever did see - we're talking crying, with both hands laid out flat on the ground with your head down.  :)

You love to watch Leo and Dot play, be outside with the cows, or watch the horses.  When we walk out to the car, and you hear the bulls your head instantly turns toward them and it's clear that you're trying to figure out what's going on.

Your "stranger danger" is gone for the most part, and you go to about anyone now....but still reserve post-nap snuggles for mom and dad only usually.  And we love those.

You can eat most anything, and seem to like pretty much everything.  It takes you a bit to like really cold things (ice cream, refrigerated fruit) but once you get a taste of them, you usually take to eating it.

We celebrated your birthday with breakfast, family & friends.  You are so loved by so many - and for that, we are truly thankful.

Happy birthday buddy!

Your mom & dad love you more than you'll ever know. 

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Hello 2017!

Happy New Year friends!

2016 was a great year for our family -

Most especially, a new baby (Love you Chan-man!) and a new job for Clint are two of the things that I'll always remember 2016 for.

And 2017 - we can't wait to see what you bring!

Especially since one of those "things" will be another new baby for our family.

That's right - you read it right - we're expecting again in June!  We are so excited that Chandler will have a baby brother or sister close to him in age.  We had hoped to have two kids close in age, but after struggling to have Chandler - we weren't holding our breath, so you can imagine how thrilled we were to find out we were expecting again!

Along with a new baby, we'll be moving into our new home/acreage and building a new shop/barn.

It's going to be a busy year - but we're excited for it!


And as always - the words below that our friends the Wolfe's sent to us many years ago still ring true:

We rather think that God is pleased when we
have lived well, laughed often, and loved much.

When we have gained the respect of intelligent men and women,
and the love of children.

When we never lack appreciation for the
Earth's beauty or fail to express it.

When we follow our dreams and
pursue excellence in each task.

When we bring out the best in others and
give only the best of ourselves.

Let's resolve now to seek His help to make
2017 our most wonderful yet.

Happy 2017 friends!